Rental wedding room was looted, lawyers said sharing short rent is illegal,

The idle wedding room rent, the rent subsidies to earn a mortgage, but the wolf. In July 15th, Mr. Bi, a Hangzhou citizen, rented his own wedding room on the ant's short rental platform. 5 days later, all the valuable things in the room had been spa
In October 1st, the short rent of the ants on micro-blog issued a statement saying that a working group had been set up to follow up and will continue to cooperate with the public security organs. Lawyers said that short rent is illegal, the industry needs a lot of chaos norms.
Short rental platform rental wedding room, the thief disguised as tenant looted
Mr. and Mrs. Bi are masters of Zhejiang University, two people are usually working in Shanghai, the end of last year in Hangzhou to buy a marriage room, and occasionally go back to club
"Distressed house, empty, want to earn some money to subsidize the mortgage, I heard that short rent is very good, so try it," so, Mr. Bi will rent the house through the short rent ants app. Mr. Bi told the Nandu reporter that he was renting his house for the first time and had no idea he had met a burglar.
In July 13th, a pair of "lovers" booked Mr. Bi's house. In July 15th, Mr. and Mrs. Bi welcomed the two tenants".
"The man is about 25, the girl is about 30, and the Northeast accent.". "They said they were on their honeymoon in Hangzhou, and I thought they were very nice," Mr. Bi said. Period, Mr. Bi has been in contact with the female tenant WeChat, introduced Hangzhou attractions, the other party also expressed affection for the bar
In July 20th, a day before the check-out, female tenants will suddenly Patrick WeChat pull the black, refused to answer the phone. Mr. Bi rushed to the District, only to find that all the things that can be taken away in the house are packaged and sent off, including all kinds of small household appliances, speakers, guitars and clothes, bedding, etc., with a total value of about 20 thousand yuan.
Mr Bi found out that the suspect had left his name under the name "short name" on the short rental of ants. The suspect is the use of the identity of the audit platform vulnerabilities, with a false identity card and mobile phone number reserved ants short rent on the bed and sauna
On July 24th, the West Lake branch of the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau held criminal records. In October 1st, Mr. Bi told the Nandu correspondent that police had identified the man's identity from the DNA library, using the DNA extracted from the garbage cans. "This is probably the bottom of the case."." But the police said the arrest was difficult because the suspect and his real ID card had not been used in recent months.
"So I think it is purely manual, may be the common thief", Mr. Bi said, "now the suspect can change a ID, continue to search for a target, repeat crime. How is the landlord's interest guaranteed?"
Ant short hire: platform sure loophole, but has improved, will actively cooperate with the police investigation
In October 1st, a short rent on micro-blog issued a statement saying that the media reported that the landlord in Hangzhou suffered a theft, and after receiving the landlord's feedback in July, a working group has been set up to track it. At present, the case is still under investigation and will continue to cooperate with the public security organs to investigate.
1 evening, the ants short rent to the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter replies, a tenant payment bank account information platform on hand at present, and the tenants to fill in the name, identity card and phone the police, if need, can provide. As for compensation, "because there is no such precedent, this amount is too large, I hope the police will eventually determine the legal responsibility."."
Zhejiang University Master rental marriage room brutally sacked lawyer: platform responsible ant short rental statement.
Short rent ants said that the authenticity of the tenant information, previously, the platform will be verified through the third party authentication system, if it proves false, will send information to the landlord. But because there is a time difference between verification, the third party platform itself may also exist loopholes, so in this case did not check out.
Ant short rent relevant person in charge said that in September the latest version of the line, has added intelligent occupancy function, the use of face authentication. "The system will require tenants to nod their heads and blink their eyes to authenticate," and by accessing sesame credit, compare the face information with his ID number and his name on third sides.
But even if the line is certified, how does this information correspond to offline tenants? Ant short rent side remind landlord, online and tenants meet, also need to authenticate.
The ants short rent in the official statement said, has been, how to ensure the online reservation has passed the authentication of security real people on both sides of tenants, is the next line, is a short rental industry always need continuous improvement of the pain points.
After the incident, the landlord Mr. Bi received the Xihu District Public Security Bureau "the deadline for repaying this book", said his short rent acts alleged unauthorized operating in accordance with state regulations required by the public security organs permission industry. In this regard, the ants short rent responded that "the country has been advocating the sharing economy, many industries are in the expansion of the market to improve laws and regulations, the responsible person said, the ants short rent is a legitimate business, and short rent itself there has been a problem in the industry, not only related to a business," we also very upset, we also hope that the introduction of standardized measures as soon as possible to."
Lawyer: short rent system illegal behavior, the industry deposit gray areas
Beijing lawyer Lin Zhi, researcher, China University of Political Science and Law Research Center for intellectual property rights, legal adviser Chinese Internet Association Credit Evaluation Center Zhao occupation lawyer said, short rental platform has real name authentication obligations, need to check ID card is really false, is not male massage videos
Zhao Zhanling thinks, ant short hire is in real name attestation