Men are white rich open the door to deceive, who knows is "picking feet Han.""

Met online, have not met the white Formica gentle and considerate; often borrow money, said to meet unexpectedly put you pull the black". Recently, the Yangpu police after a continuous follow-up investigation, successfully smashed a telecommunications network fraud Gang, arrested 31 suspects.
In October 2016, Mr. wood, who was almost five years old, became fascinated with a friend chat software and met a miss wan". Two people chatting on the Internet very congenial, in the "Miss" proposal, both sides left the mobile phone and add WeChat to friends. In November 2016, Miss Wan told Mr. wood in WeChat that he was unable to go to work at home because of his broken leg, and that his family credit card was taken away by his parents and wanted to borrow some money from massage
In order to dispel the concerns of Mr. wood, "Miss Wan" also claimed to have opened a beauty salon in Qibao District, and its father Department of real estate developers, family conditions are very favorable. Look at "Miss Wan" charming WeChat head, chatting with each other from time to time transfer between the lines being, old wood for himself in the "know destiny" age still can make such a white Formica and lucky. As a result, he has repeatedly transferred to the account provided by Miss wan. Until March 2017, the old wood has been continuous "Miss Wan" transferred more than 17 yuan. And in this process, "Miss Wan" has been refused to meet the old wood for a variety of reasons. The old wooden heart doubts so query by bank transfer account, it was found that his money to actually is a foreign company account. And when he calls "Miss Wan" inquiry, but was on the spot "pull black"". Mr. wood to WeChat head and went through the circle of friends photos "Miss Wan", found that these photos are taken from a domestic actress actually micro-blog, he immediately reported to the police in Yangpu.
After receiving the report, in the City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps, network security corps under the guidance of the Yangpu Public Security Bureau deployed police force to form a task force to carry out detection work. After the investigation, investigators found that Jiangxi, Nanchang man Yang Mouyou major crime suspects, which served in a local trading company. With the in-depth investigation, investigators found that Mr. wood transferred to offshore accounts of funds, and soon transferred to other accounts in the territory, and was present by others, and withdrawals of the present, Wu is also the company's employees. Obviously, the family business of the company has a major suspect, but when the ad hoc group to the company to conduct an investigation, but found that the company has been deserted.
Despite the interruption of the trail, the investigation is still going on. Based on the related information carefully, investigators found the trading company funds, personnel flow is very frequent, and often replace the place of business. After several days of careful investigation, the task force confirmed that the company had moved to the Nanchang Convention and Exhibition Road, a business building, and its company name has been changed to a technology network company.boy massage
After more than a month of continuous investigation in the local, the ad hoc group has mastered the company's organizational structure and personnel composition. After investigation, the company recruited a large number of young women and their training, in several online dating platform registered account, to make friends, love in the name of the opposite sex, waiting for fraud money. The morning of September 14th, in cooperation with local police, the group has in the Exhibition Road business building and a district arrested Jiang, Yang, Chen and 31 suspects, and seized a large number of computer, mobile phone, bank cards and other items involved.
Shanghai men were white rich U.S. Open cheat 170 thousand, who knows actually?
Caption: Jiang, Yang and other 31 suspects have been escorted back to shanghai. Police for map
Jiang, Yang et al after appearing in court truthfully confessed on the Internet to love the name of the facts of the crime to defraud money. The organization of the criminal gang is closely organized, and investigators found the WeChat group specially created from the mobile phones seized. And the gang personnel are divided into a number of "business group", each "business team" set up the group leader, "salesman" to carry out "business", and the group leader is in charge of the boss and jiang. And just recruited personnel, the gang set up a special "script" for training, online chat, chat mode, there are fixed routines. Ironic is that because of the recruitment of young women, the Gang also found several men disguised as a woman, fall in love with people on the internet. There are more than deceived man until the case, but also do not know to talk with himself about half a year's love, "Bai Fumei" was actually a "big foot"".gay escort
The afternoon of September 19th, Jiang, Yang and other 31 suspects have been escorted back to shanghai. At present, the suspect Jiang, Yang and other 31 per capita criminal detention according to law, the case in further investigation.
Yangpu police remind the general public, online friends to improve their awareness of prevention. In the process of the Internet if you receive strangers to accosted information, must be careful, do not verify the identity without easily add it as a friend, but should not easily to strange bank, Alipay, WeChat and other account remittance.male massage