Property market regulation 1st Anniversary

Property market regulation 1st anniversary, more than 60 cities nationwide, a total of over 130 times to control the respondents Zhu Feng for map
"Everyone else lives by day. Zhu Feng is in minutes."." Wife Xiaoli distressed husband, except at home to take care of the children, but also do some jobs to subsidize home.
The new couple's goal is to have a suite in the big Beijing. Zhu Feng said with a smile, "to end Shuangcheng's life!".gay male massage videos
Last year after marriage, family and work double harvest, Zhu Feng in a real estate media received an editor in chief of the work, the annual salary to get hands 300 thousand.
About buying a house this matter, Zhu Feng has not dared to slack off. Last year by the Winter Olympic Games positive, the couple invested in a real estate in Zhangjiakou, 120 flat, down payment 300 thousand.
"Ben thought about the 2020 Winter Olympic Games, the house will be able to appreciate, hand over a profit, return funds to do the down payment in Beijing." Zhu Feng is kind of sorry now.
In May this year, Zhangjiakou introduced restriction measures, the foreign household registration households purchase 1 sets of housing, the central city new housing purchase, the implementation of "3 years before listing transactions" restriction policy.
This also means that the auction can not be traded within 3 years, the real estate has become "frozen production", the same period, Beijing housing plan will be delayed.
In the property market regulation background, more and more investors in the "restricted sale" in front of flinch. For the local customers just now, the total supply and demand balance, prices will not soar as before.
Xiao Li understood her husband and comforted herself: "not for sale, for the elderly on both sides."". Whether the parents living in the country of Zhangjiakou would like to move to a strange place is uncertain.
Last month, Zhu Feng to Zhangjiakou to discuss cooperation, found that the sales offices hung Beijing brand less, and the local property market prices have stabilized. Although the plan to make a profit is ruined, but the couple still feel that the future has unlimited possibilities.
Neon lights, the bus started, 30 kilometers outside the woman has done a table meal, waiting for him to go 
Xu thinks is a vision of people, high school science, University of art, graduating from news. In the age of real estate and automobiles, all his interests were put into practice.
Friends called him "little Zhuge", in 2012 in Beijing, Fangshan bought commercial housing, and now turned 2 times; in 2016, investment in Langfang, Guan, now turned 3 times.
Market regulation 1st anniversary the country more than 60 City Co regulation over 130 respondents for map Xu
Last year, "9.30 New Deal" a round of regulation and control, Beijing and surrounding property market have been cooling. In March this year, the Beijing property market regulation again overweight, commercial housing opening limit purchase, built in the sale of "commercial office" may not be sold to individuals.
Xu "incoming low immensely proud, when I have habitat in Beijing".
After all, according to the current market price, buying a house in Beijing is almost impossible for him. Commercial housing, individuals can not buy, residential and not qualified.
Now living in Fangshan 60 square meters of commercial and residential, the space is not enough, enough to live two couples.china gay massage
A monthly income of 20 thousand yuan, the repayment pressure is not small, Xu day, let him feel satisfied. Usually driving to and from work, nine to five, he feels that Beijing is a comfortable city.
You do not have to rent, do not intend to buy a house, but the degree of concern Xu of the real estate market is still very high.
He introduced, on the lease, this year, the state has continued to introduce two favorable policies, first Beijing and other 12 cities to carry out housing rental pilot, Beijing and other 13 cities after the pilot collective land rental housing construction.
Recently, the new Beijing urban master plan is also clear, the next five years, the new supply of all types of housing more than 1 million 500 thousand units. Among them, the property type housing accounted for about 70%, leasing class about 30%.
"For a vibrant Beijing, such a policy would give young people a sense of stability." Xu side colleagues say, to Beijing for two years, moved three times, the strong sense of drift.
In addition to rental housing, Beijing has also planned a "common property housing", low-income housing difficulties families purchase, according to the proportion of individual and government investment, housing property rights jointly owned.
Xu full of confidence in Beijing, he felt that with the implementation and purchase rental common property housing system, housing prices in Beijing, the "roller coaster" will become history.
Xu Jinglei compared zhidong1 don't know oneself is not wise. In August this year, he was 400 thousand in Tianjin Shoufu Minato East by the west, bought a suite.
Say is east fight West beat, because 400 thousand, own funds only 50 thousand. At present, although the monthly salary of over 10000, but with the rent in Beijing, Tianjin mortgage and the pressure to repay money, he often feel uncomfortable.
Property market regulation 1st anniversary, more than 60 cities nationwide, total control over 130 times, respondents East for map
In the eyes of outsiders, Zhi Dong is not ready to enter the Bureau, because of the high leverage overdraft, no one can determine what his last straw is.
But he believes that buying a house is a grind, especially for a child he has come out of the countryside. "Not today, and never will."."
Just like a word said, in front of the house prices, all the oath seems to be a loud slap in the face, across time and space, finally in his face.
It's not nice to tighten your belt. Dong's girlfriend occasionally complains that she could go out for a tour around the holidays and now buy barrels of oil on her books.
"It's not a good feeling, but I still think it's right, because the family needs to operate, and peace talks are different."." Station in Zhongguancun building downstairs, smoke rings circling in the air, eventually dispersed.
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