The police can't swim, but the rope rescued a suicidal woman

On the evening of September 22nd, the weather in Liaoning, Yingkou was a little cold. A woman walked into the sea and killed herself. The police quickly out of the police, with the help of the crowd, will force the woman to commit suicide spa
The evening of September 22nd at 7:42, Yingkou City Public Security Bureau police patrol group winning 110 Command Center: in the area of West Fort near the famous woman to the sea Dutch act.
The police station is to exercise attachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director general of the entry exit administration Xing Yuanbo led the auxiliary police rushed to the scene of Yan Jiawei et al. Yu Hongyuan, vice president of the police station, immediately organized the police on duty to carry reinforcements for the club
After arriving at the scene, the woman to commit suicide has been to the depths of the sea and disappeared, while the police organization police asked the informant, the presence of personnel, while searching for the woman to commit suicide, and immediately to the command center feedback, request 119, border police reinforcements.
Faced with the vast sea of fingers, Xing Yuanbo, Yu Hongyuan and the auxiliary police Yan did not hesitate to be ready for rescue.
A pickup driver took the initiative to contact the police, drove the car to the breakwater and turned on the headlights to the bar
Three comrades wrapped in the fire rescue rope, carrying life buoy, while walking aside shouting, slowly, the water gradually over the waist. Three police hand in hand wading about 100 meters, suicide woman heard the voice of the police has responded, and progress 50 meters later, found in the water struggling suicide woman.
Three policemen tied a rope to the rescue ring and threw it at the woman struggling in the water, and shouted to them to seize it and pull it back together. Although rescued by the police, but the woman is very unstable mood, several times want to break loose, the police also want to commit suicide. Three police officers also moved forward to about 200 meters, firmly control it and pull back to sauna
The presence of a people said: "this woman's position should be in the vicinity of the channel, the deepest water several meters, the people's police good! For Yingkou public security and kindly driver praise!"