Jointly issued National Day mid autumn holiday travel tips

National Day Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, the China Meteorological Administration and the National Tourism Administration jointly issued the National Day Mid Autumn Festival weather conditions and travel reminders, suggesting that the majority of tourists reasonable arrangements for travel time and route. During the National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the weather conditions in most parts of the country are generally better, and the national highway and traffic operations are not affected by the weather, so it is suitable for outdoor massage
According to the Central Meteorological Observatory national weather forecast, during the 2017 National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday, temperatures in most parts of the country, no typhoon in China, generally good weather conditions, suitable for outdoor activities, but before the holiday period, Eastern Sichuan basin, Hanjiang River Basin, southern Huang Huai, JAC and other places of strong rainfall, the need to pay attention to the adverse effect of secondary disasters of landslide and debris flow of traffic safety and prevention of heavy rainfall caused the. The specific forecast is as follows:
There are two cold air activity processes in northern China
In October 1 to 2, the eastern region of Northwest China, North China, northeast region will be the rainy weather, the northeast part of the region has moderate rain, Northeastern Inner Mongolia, Northwestern Heilongjiang, sleet or snow; the region with 4 ~ 6 northerly winds, 4 to 8 DEG C temperature drops, parts of Eastern Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and Jilin the cooling rate of up to 10 to 12 DEG C. 6 to 8, another cold air affected, the northern region will be from west to east a rain, cooling process.
Rainfall in eastern Sichuan basin to Huang Huai and escort
1 to 2 days, southern Shanxi, Northeastern Sichuan, northern Chongqing, Hubei, South Henan, North Central Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places will appear in the process of heavy rain, local heavy rain accompanied by strong convective weather such as lightning and short-time strong rainfall, cumulative rainfall of up to 80 ~ 120 mm; 3 to 5, the area will be a moderate to heavy rain process.
Most of the Jiangnan and the north central part of Southern China are mainly sunny or cloudy
It is estimated that the highest temperature in Jiangnan and Southern China is between 28~34 and 35~36 degrees Celsius. Among them, 1 to 2 days, some parts of South and central part of the Yangtze River may have high temperature weather.boy massage
North China Huang Huai stage haze
From 5 to 7 in the morning, North China, South Central, Huang Huai and other places will have mild haze, local moderate haze; at night, northern China may have fog in the south, the minimum visibility of about 500 meters. In addition, 6 to 7 morning, northern part of the northern part of the fog.
During the holidays, the country's roads and traffic were not affected by the weather. Of which: 1 October to 2, the Beijing Shanghai, Shen Hai Expressway in Jiangsu; Beijing Taiwan, Jinan Guangzhou, Lianhuo Expressway in Anhui; Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi, Daguang Expressway in Henan; Hu Rong, Shanghai and Chongqing, Fu silver high-speed Hubei section Baomao; Lanzhou Chongqing, high-speed Chongqing section, surface water leads to higher risk traffic block; 3 to 4, Beijing Kunming high-speed Sichuan, Shaanxi; Shaanxi, Henan section of high-speed Shanghai and Shaanxi; Baomao, Fu silver high-speed section of Shaanxi; Hu Rong, Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed Chongqing section, the slippery road, the traffic efficiency will be reduced. 3 to 4 days, Shanghai Chengdu, Xia Rong, Yu Kun Expressway in Sichuan, 5 to 7, Beijing, Beijing Kunming, the wide high-speed Hebei section of low visibility caused highway traffic block.male massage
National Tourism Administration requires tourism departments and tourism enterprises at all levels to pay close attention to weather changes during the holidays, and make corresponding plans in advance. In case of bad weather, it is necessary to adjust the tourism events and activities which are vulnerable to the weather in time, issue tourist prompt information, and cooperate with the relevant departments to make arrangements for tourists. At the same time also reminded the broad masses of tourists, timely attention to the weather changes in destination, in case of bad weather, we must understand the arrangements with the relevant departments, do civilized travel good sex massage