Procuratorial disclosure of Metro cable details

According to the Xi'an public prosecutor WeChat September 29th news, September 29th morning, Xi'an city procuratorate held a "punishment and prevention of corruption and bribery to promote business integrity" attorney open day, invited representatives of the state-owned enterprises and the people's supervisor representative into the prosecution, feelings of anti-corruption and punish corruption results.
It is understood that this year's anti-corruption Department of Xi'an City prosecutors were registered and investigated involving corruption and bribery crimes committed by 132 to 248 people, and the number of last year rose 90%, a record high. Among them, the establishment of major cases 75, 28 cases, the case rate of 11%, the number and proportion of cases also ranked first in the province's procuratorial organs, and a record high. At the same time, the city's prevention department to complete the industry system to prevent the 21 survey; selection of typical cases to carry out case analysis, accurate prevention 26; prone to corruption in various areas and departments to carry out prevention publicity, warning education activities 195 times, the scale is also a record high. The work of punishment and prevention of corruption and bribery has achieved solid results, and the procuratorial organs have made positive efforts to build a clean and public environment for the construction of the great Xi' gay massage
The delegates first came to the investigation intelligence information center, and the prosecutor at the scene introduced the application of the information digital technology in the investigation of crimes by taking advantage of duty. At present, the Xi'an municipal procuratorate has invested more than 760 yuan of financial funds, the deployment of various types of investigative equipment 81, 214 sets. Invested 2 million 700 thousand yuan, the establishment of the national procuratorial system electronic data cloud platform, provincial regional sub center. Through the network inquiries, data copies and other forms, with the 11 administrative law enforcement departments, management institutions, financial institutions established a green channel for information male massage videos
Then the information center into the six floor. Xi'an city procuratorate anti corruption Secretary Wang Qingyu specifically informed that this year the city's procuratorial organs to punish and prevent the crime of corruption and bribery work, and to the representatives of the play "building" the people's Procuratorate of Xi'an city science and technology equipment exhibition piece.shangahi gay massage
It is understood that this year, the West City procuratorial organs in the fight against corruption, bribery and bribery work launched a more than and 42 wheel drive mechanism. Adhere to the "number one project"". The city attorney personally involved in the county two clues, involved in investigating the case analysis, grasp the progress of work, close to the front command. Deepening the integration mechanism". Strengthen the upper and lower linkage, internal and external coordination, and effectively form a joint force. Play the "spirit"". The police investigators maintain incentive tenacity, done in one vigorous effort, work hard to accomplish the goal as soon as possible. Execute a one vote veto". The work has not been effective, the attorney general, director of anti-corruption to explain why the review responsibility, the relevant departments to cancel Pingxianpingyou qualifications. In addition, two ten items are strengthened. Strengthen the integration mechanism of investigation and prevention, precision strike, accurate prevention. Secondly, the "intelligence procuratorial work" is introduced into the investigation work, and the application of information technology is strengthened.