Firemen armed with a flamethrower and fell downstairs

According to the surging News reported on 30, 26, Guangdong Zhongshan district six layer of fire, firefighters arrived at the scene found a burning gas tank, hand will hold down the stairs, but halfway down, then the other firefighters took the gas tank and transferred to a safe club
Zhongshan Daily reported that 28, 26, 7:15 in the evening, Shiqi District South Chong Street near a residential building 6 floor of a residential fire and burns, after receiving the dispatch command center command, city fire squadron quickly dispatched 3 fire engines and 24 firefighters rushed to the scene.
The burning house is located on the 6 floor of the residential building. From below, the fire is raging, the sound of glass bursting, and Mars falling out of the balcony and window. Firefighters immediately set up warning area downstairs, evacuate the crowd, to prevent Mars and glass wounding, while the field strength is divided into the fire fighting group, rescue rescue group and the group of three teams, fire group of two players on the ground to the residential fire water jetting, prevent the spread of fire, the rest member carrying water, iron tools such as stiles along the stairs to climb the 6 sauna
After reaching the fire floor, I saw the fire spread to the residential gate, and it was difficult to approach. The demolition team opened the door under the cover of the fire brigade and water gun, and entered the internal fire fighting. The rescue team found no trapped personnel in the house, and the fire brigade found two gas canisters in the kitchen, including a bottle of valves that had been burned and were spewing out flames!
Due to the higher temperature in the fire, not suitable for direct treatment, fire fighting in Zhongshan City, a squadron of deputy squad leader Xiong Linsheng immediately moved away from the fire.
Since the gas tank was baked for a long time, it has become very hot, and the gas tank weighs fifty or sixty pounds, so despite wearing gloves, but in the process of transportation, Xiong Linsheng was forced to repeatedly put down the gas spa
When we got to the third floor, Xiong Linsheng felt very tired and even fell.
Firefighters armed with a gas tank downstairs to fall, teammate relay took over
When another firefighter, secret class vice monitor Li Jiajun upstairs, just to see this scene: "I feel he can not hold out the fast, because the fire has burned into his hand, so quickly put the rest of the two layer, put down."
Firefighters armed with a gas tank downstairs to fall, teammate relay took over
In this way, Li Jiajun did not hesitate to take the fire - breathing gas tank and move it to the open space. Then, firefighters to reduce the temperature of water in the bottle, until the gas leakage is completed, fortunately, two firefighters did not cause escort
Firefighters armed with a gas tank downstairs to fall, teammate relay took over
When the rescue group evacuated the residents, a more than 30 year old man was successfully found on the roof of the building to be escorted to the ground. The man was not injured after the inspection. According to the trapped man described, he lived on the 7 floor, when found downstairs fire, the fire has become very fierce, smoke enveloped the corridor, causing him unable to evacuate, had to go to the roof of the roof waiting for rescue.
Around 7:45 that evening, the fire was completely extinguished, burned furniture, daily necessities, and no casualties, the cause of the fire, the fire department is under further investigation.boy massage