People's Daily: strict party discipline, corruption will be reversed

Full and strict party management can only be carried out without completion. In September 29th, the CPC Central Committee decided to give the sun, expelled from the party, dismissed from punishment, their alleged crimes and clues to judicial organs according to law. Nineteen of the party before the sun found timely and thoroughly investigated serious disciplinary problems, and fully demonstrated by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee insisted that the party, strictly administering the overall willpower, attitude, fully reflects our party's anti-corruption struggle and honest government in the end of the determination and massage
As a member of the Politburo, the sun should set an example, take the lead in practicing the party's purpose, but he has shaken the ideal faith, on the purpose of the party, the loss of political position, a serious violation of the party's political discipline and political rules, a serious violation of the provisions of the eight Central and discipline of the masses, a serious violation of discipline, honest and serious violation of discipline. A serious violation of work discipline, serious violations of discipline. Eighteen of the party after he still does not converge, not close hand, the problem is serious, the masses are strongly prominent, not only a complete departure from the party's principles, but also to live up to the Party Central Committee's trust and expectations of the people, caused great harm to the cause of the party and the country, extremely bad social impact. Who thoroughly investigate serious disciplinary cases, has important significance to eliminate the hidden trouble, serious party discipline, purifying the team of the party, our party has proved once again that the strong self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement ability.male massage
Corruption is a cancer that invades the healthy body of the party, and strictly administering the party is a war without seeing the smoke of gunpowder. Unremittingly against corruption and unswervingly cut the tumor, determined to win this anti-corruption war, is an inevitable requirement to adhere to the nature and purpose of the party, is the inevitable requirement of comprehensive deepening strictly. Sun Zhengcai's serious disciplinary case reminds us that despite the major victories in the fight against corruption, the situation in the struggle against corruption is still grim and complex. We must further promote the anti-corruption struggle, continue to maintain a high pressure situation, to achieve zero tolerance attitude change, drastic go ills determination unabated, guagu courage not to vent, the severe punishment is not loose, found together with the investigation, to find out how much and how many, resolutely eradicate the corruption of the most deadly "source of pollution".gay sex massage
The party should manage the party and run the party strictly. What should we rely on and what should we do? We must rely on strict discipline, we must seize the leading cadres of this "key minority."". Discipline is primarily a matter of observing political discipline and keeping the rules. The first is to observe political discipline. From Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Xu Caihou, Guo Boxiong, Ling Jihua, Su Rong case, the sun is not without serious violation case, the loss of the Communist political position due to the serious damage to the party's political discipline, serious damage to the party's centralized. Sun to investigate serious disciplinary problems, once again sounded the alarm to the party leading cadres, particularly senior cadres must have a firm political stance, firmly establish political awareness, the overall sense of core consciousness, par consciousness; must constantly consolidate the party loyalty reminder, a high not good right, not seeking personal gain weight.
Full, strict party management, always on the road. Party organizations at all levels and all Party members, especially leading cadres at all levels, must unify their thinking and actions to the spirit of the CPC Central Committee, with the sun serious violation case as a negative example, to further implement the Party Central Committee on comprehensive strictly and anti-corruption of the major deployment, always political and overall to everything everywhere from the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping the core of the line.          gay bar All comrades in the party to fix the Communist Party's "heart", serious party political life, strict to slim, strict right to exercise self-discipline, to the spirit of good and excellent result to meet the party's nineteen big victory held