China Southern Airlines responded by arranging front seats

Recently, it was reported that China Southern Airlines Xi'an branch of the 66 government departments arranged for the first 11 rows of seats, but also with the general isolation of ordinary passengers. Chinese Southern Airlines today published in micro-blog, said it was not in the individual personnel fully understand the specific facts of the case, in accordance with the unified team passenger seat practice, engendering a rash is inconsistent with the actual situation of information.male massage
China Southern Airlines pointed out that the Xi'an party and government representatives buy "cabin" in line with the central "eight regulations" requirements. In the actual process, the Xi'an staff did not put forward "all arrangements in the top 11 rows of seats" requirements, nor put forward "with ordinary passengers must be isolated" requirements.
China Southern Airlines believes that Xi'an officials arrange the first 11 rows of seats: employees do not know the facts
In August 10th, a Communist Party of China Southern Xi'an branch of the party and the masses of the Ministry of work, entitled "as long as the first 11 rows of seats" - "for the government to perform important tasks escort" article, triggering hot net friends. According to the article, the Xi'an branch of Southern Airlines, when serving 66 members of the Xi'an Government Council, was asked to arrange all the seats in the first 11 rows and to ensure a certain separation from the regular passengers. The government officials include Xi'an municipal Party committee secretary, mayor of Xi'an City, and chairman of Xi'an cppcc. Cover news contacted China Southern Airlines Xi'an branch and Xi'an municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department to verify the matter, and has not received a formal response.boy massage
In July 26th, China Southern Airlines Xi'an branch operation department customer reception call to an unusual service request, "Hello, I hope we all can arrange a line of 66 people in August 6th Xi'an - Chengdu flight CZ6433, and all the arrangements in the first 11 rows of seats." The customer commissioner who received the call immediately contacted a team leader, Hu Shenghua. Hu head of the side of the alert customer travel purposes, while adjusting cabin.
Initially, customers do not want to disclose too much, after repeated assurances that customers will not disclose the whereabouts of the customer response for the government to perform special tasks, it is necessary to ensure a certain isolation with ordinary passengers. CZ6433 flight for the Xi'an non-stop flight, Hu group leader immediately contact the former flight attendant, to ensure that the long voyage sales of passengers arranged in the 12 row after.
In charge of the proceeds of this route, the two group leader Yang Weina first learned, after the initiative went to work overtime, contact the operation command, balanced stowage, for 66 government government team won the first 11 rows of 66 seats. In the list, Yang also found in Shaanxi head of government of provincial Party committee, Xi'an Municipal Committee, mayor of Xi'an City, Xi'an City, chairman of the CPPCC, and timely contact the customer to recommend business class, quality of service guarantee pledge to win the hearts of customers.
In August 6th, Chen Maojun, general manager of Xi'an branch, gave up the day off and made a special trip to the airport to make arrangements for the whole regiment. 10:45 points, CZ6433 in the security service personnel under the watch, take off on time.
This special team support work over two weekends, affecting countless Xi'an Branch security staff's heart, the harvest is not only additional earnings, more customer appreciation and trust.
On August 10th, the reporter tries to search this manuscript in civil aviaton resource net, did not discover corresponding escort
Reporter confirmation temporarily not responded
According to some media reports, the Xi'an branch of China Southern Airlines responded that the Department of Party Work Department missend.
Reporters call southern China Xi'an branch of the content of the authenticity of the verification, the duty staff said he was not convenient to respond, and the relevant person in charge has left work. Reporters asked whether the company will be informed of the person in charge of contact for further confirmation, the staff said inconvenient, but you can convey the demands of reporters, if there is a response, will take the initiative to contact reporters. As of press time, the telephone has not been received from southern china.
On the other hand, Xi'an municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department staff on duty said it was not clear about the matter, the relevant information has been recorded and reported.
According to the "Xi'an daily" reports, the afternoon of August 7th, the Xi'an Provincial Committee and party secretary Wang Yongkang, mayor Shangguan auspicious, municipal CPPCC Chairman Yue Huafeng, city leaders Zhao Min, Lu Kai, Wu Jian, Wang Fengping, Nie Zhongqiu, Wang Guogen attended the activities in the field.
Airline customer service: more people travel ahead of schedule, you can arrange the location
On August 10th, the reporter calls the official customer service of China Southern Airlines in the form of consumers. According to the terminal customer service staff said, can provide assistance on placement services, but more than half a month ahead of the best tickets and reservations, if there has been a positioning section refers to the other passengers booked seats, airlines can not unilaterally coordinate male massage videos