The torrential rain flooded houses Shantang dam

Xinhua Changsha August 12 Xinhua reporter learned from the Hunan provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office in Yueyang County learned that by continuous heavy rain and landslides in Yueyang County, a dam 12 ponds backbone 10 am a more than 10 meter long burst, flood downstream. More than 700 villagers in the village Zhangguying town of Feng Shui Lan Ling tablets downstream burst of emergency transfer, dozens of houses were flooded, is currently being organized local sauna
Yueyang County Office of the person in charge, named Xiao Dong Shan Shan Chuxian, has a capacity of 40 thousand cubic meters of ponds backbone. 12, 6 pm, Shantang spillway to landslides, landslides blocked the spillway, causing flood overtopping, resulting in dam breach. This person in charge, the downstream affected more than 700 villagers in the dam before the dam has been transferred away, at present not yet found club
11 to 12, Hunan County, Yueyang City, Pingjiang Province, Yueyang county is now heavy rain, local heavy rainfall weather process. Scenic area of Zhangguying village and more floods, severe waterlogging in some areas, roads washed out, the local government has organized a large number of manpower and resources for disaster relief, Changsha City Blue rescue team is also to support civil rescue sex massage