The man was angry assault subway fare evasion shooting

To the subway fare evasion to the highest ticket fare, plus 5 times the fare for punishment. But there is not only a male passenger fare evasion, after being discovered, even angry with others strike violently.
In August 7th 3 pm, the public Wang Ningguo Road Station No. 4 port station, found a man in front of the station fare evasion exposure, such bad behavior, Mr. Wang used a mobile phone to take the other side, after the man found the fare massage
The man of Mr. Wang's behavior to disgruntled, followed the No. 4 to the mouth of the escalator, the man in the elevator on the question why to take the photo of Mr. Wang, then two people quarrel, fare evasion man angry, Mr. Wang dumped a slap in the face, that is ready to spa
Mr. Wang to prevent their escape, he intercepted the man from Mr. Wang for fare evasion, scratched Mr. Wang's neck, two in the import and export of you come to me, attracted a crowd of onlookers.
The police station rushed to the scene immediately after hearing the news, the man was brought to the police to the public security organs, because of the assault was sentenced to administrative detention for five days and impose a fine of two hundred bar
In order to escape the subway ticket a few dollars, is detained is fine, at the moment, the man should now fare evasion in the detention house too late to regret!