Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 5 typical cases

The newspaper news of the party since eighteen, the province's discipline inspection organs at all levels to zero tolerance attitude to resolutely punish corruption, strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability, to reflect the strong "small government big corruption case investigated in the end, respond to the concerns of the masses, to deter the formation of high-pressure cleaning, political ecology. The day before the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 5 typical cases recently investigated.
First, Yu Fuxiang, general secretary of the former party branch and director of the village committee of Shuguang village, Hongqi Manchu village, Nangang District, Harbin.boy massage
Yu Fuxiang as a grass-roots cadres, the dawn of the village as their "plot" and "barony", lawlessness, corruption, embezzlement wantonly embezzle, extremely extravagant, involving up to 200 million yuan. The investigation, from 2011 to 2012, on suspicion of embezzlement 85 million 200 thousand yuan, 47 million yuan is still not returned; in 2011, will be 10 million 800 thousand yuan of land compensation to farmers new homes construction funds from the name of "township farmers' Center for their personal loan, actual start-up companies from 2010 to 2016, spending; in the name of a person from the center of agricultural loan 78 million 500 thousand yuan in 2011, the" white "; expenditure and misappropriation of land compensation 20 million yuan, resulting in land acquisition work has not carried out. Yu Fuxiang is a typical "tyrants" rampant, oppression of the masses, in July 2010, brought social idle personnel more than 20 people, 4 workers, the Bureau will cut. Be against the organization during the review, review, and intimidation and discipline review staff. On June 2017, Fuxiang was expelled from the party; their alleged crimes were transferred to judicial organs according to law.
Two, Jixian County Housing Authority former director Wang Jinxiang case.male massage
As the county housing director, Wang Jinxiang directly involved in construction projects, change patterns to developers to ask for money. The investigation, Wang Jinxiang accepting or soliciting property amounting to more than 2800 yuan, 550 thousand yuan of corruption, and more than 1500 yuan RMB, USD 50 thousand yuan, real estate 10, 500 grams of gold bullion, BMW sedan, 2 million yuan worth of mine equity and debt 7 million yuan can not explain the source. Only a Real Estate Company is the bin for property amounting to more than 1650 yuan. Wang Jinxiang took a fancy to the developers Wang worth 1 million 100 thousand yuan of Land Rover SUV, put forward with his son worth 480 thousand yuan of Ford SUV exchange. After the exchange, Wang Jinxiang and Wang to ask for Ford SUV car, Wang is very unexpected. "We are not changed?"" Wang Jinxiang immediately angry, "this thing all don't understand, also come out project?" It's my son who calls you uncle and asks you for a car. You don't give it to me yet?" Wang forced by its power constraints, but also sent 500 thousand yuan. Wang Jinxiang to buy high-end clothing, leather goods, jade, shot very generous, but the pay is "invited" to the developers. Between 2013 and 2014, a developer spent more than $70 on Wang Jinxiang's shopping alone. In addition, Wang Jinxiang still exists violation of political discipline, violation of state-owned assets procurement and disposal of relevant regulations, such as intentional injury violations of law issues. In August 2016, Wang Jinxiang was expelled from the party and dismissed from office; his alleged crimes and clues were transferred to judicial organs for legal treatment.
Three, Keshan County Development and Reform Bureau, former director Wang Jian case.
Wang Jian took advantage of his functions and powers, worked his own way and made fraudulent practices, and directly intervened in the field construction projects to collect money. After investigation, Wang Jian misappropriation of investment funds 4 million yuan, 2 million 300 thousand yuan corruption, bribery 100 thousand yuan. From 2014 to 2015, by leaking Biaode, rigging and other organization, behind the scenes, trying to get Liu Mouzhong to the field of construction projects in three sections, a total cost of 28 million 950 thousand yuan. After that, Wang Jian to Liu to return the $6 million 600 thousand project, part of their price subcontract price 1 million 550 thousand yuan, will be in the bag, the other part of you to replace with the original construction of the project, 750 thousand yuan of corruption. In September 2015, Wang Jian allowed to raise project payment proportion, to Liu finance for projects 5 million yuan, then free borrow 4 million yuan, then high interest lending, annual interest 960 thousand yuan. In March 2017, Wang Jian was expelled from the party; his alleged crimes and clues were transferred to judicial organs for legal treatment.
Four, Huachuan County Finance Bureau, former deputy director and director of the agricultural development office Yu Hongqian escort
Yu Hongqian's main way of making money was to ask the farm construction contractor to pay for the benefits. The investigation, in two years time, a total of 7 million 900 thousand yuan bribes to others. In 2013, Yu Hongqian to project fees on behalf of Yue Lai Zhen to high standard farmland construction project of a section of the contractor Sohn extort 1 million 750 thousand yuan. In 2014, Yu Hongqian lent a trick, cooperative agricultural equipment allocated for the project again in a nominal fee, ask for 2 million yuan. After that, tasted the "sweetness" of Yu Hongqian in the name of project fees, two times to spark township high standard farmland construction project two tenders contract, a human request 3 million 400 thousand yuan. In addition, Yu Hongqian also entrust others to participate in project bidding, bid for construction, to the construction for 750 thousand yuan. In November 2016, Yu Hongqian was expelled from the party and dismissed from office; he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for accepting bribes and fined 2 million yuan.
Five, Lu Fuzhong, Secretary of the former party branch of the new rural area of Hongqi Town, Xingan District, Hegang.
The state's award and subsidy fund for agricultural development is the "Tang Seng meat" in the eyes of Lu Fu zhong". After investigation, Lu Fu served as secretary of the Party branch of the new countryside, corruption 2 million 160 thousand yuan, 4 million 940 thousand yuan illegal income. In 2009, the use of his office, the construction of individual vegetable greenhouses registered as a collective false business park cooperatives, cheat "thing" prize money up 1 million yuan, 100 thousand yuan relief funds, funds of 200 thousand yuan. In 2012, for his father forged agreements and issued false evidence male massage videos