Interest rates on the protection of private lending rates are not protected

Recently, the Supreme People's Court issued the "Supreme People's Court on Further Strengthening the financial trial work opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), according to the Internet in the financial sector, the "opinions" requirements, in strict accordance with the regulations of usury, protection is not to exceed the private lending rate ceiling interest protection law, in order to reduce the cost of financing the real bar
"Opinions" landing background is the fifth national financial work conference. July 14th to 15, the national financial work conference held in Beijing, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping made an important speech, there are 31 "risk" in the press release, the 28 "regulation". Strong supervision of the year, once again stressed the central financial security, emphasizing the overall tone while maintaining stability, emphasizes to perfect the financial legal massage
The supreme law said, fifth national financial work conference held after the important speech of the Supreme People's court, in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping published in the national financial work conference, the deployment of specific measures, focusing on the service of the real economy, prevention and control of financial risks, deepen financial reform three tasks, strengthen financial trial work formulated the "opinions".gay club
Distinguish between Internet Banking
For the existing Internet financial business, the supreme law adopted different attitude: to be able to actually reduce transaction costs and achieve financial inclusion, legal compliance financial transaction mode shall be protected; on the pretext of financial innovation to cover financial risk, avoid financial supervision, institutional arbitrage financial irregularities, to legal relationship the actual composition determine the validity and the rights and obligations for financial innovation; the name of illegal deposits from the public or fraud, which constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to spa
Previously, the Internet financial case "e rent treasure" is heard throughout the country, Beijing, Hefei, Guangzhou and other places have entered the public prosecution procedure, among them, the actual control of the original Ding Ning 10 people suspected of financial fraud, 36 people suspected of crime of illegal deposits from the public, 5 people suspected of smuggling precious metals crime, 5 people suspected of committing the organization sneak into the country (border) border crimes, 16 people suspected of illegally cross the national border (frontier) environmental crime. In March 1st, the Supreme People's Procuratorate department director Chen Guoqing in a media interview revealed, "e rent treasure case of illegal fund-raising amount reached 762 million yuan, the main suspect in the case has been indicted."
To reduce the cost of the real economy, solve the financing problems in the real economy, the "opinions" requirements, in strict accordance with the regulation of interest than usury, lending rate cap does not protect civil judicial protection, in order to reduce the cost of financing the real economy.
What is the definition of the interest ceiling here?gay sauna
According to the August 6, 2015 introduction of the supreme law "on Several Issues concerning the trial of private lending case applicable legal provisions", borrowing the agreed interest rate does not exceed the annual interest rate of 24%, the lenders request the borrower to pay interest in accordance with the agreed interest rate, the people's court shall support the loan; the agreed rate exceeds the annual interest rate of 36%, more than part of the agreed interest the request is invalid, the Borrower Lender to refund the paid more than the annual interest rate of 36% interest on the part of the people's court shall support.
It is worth noting that the supreme law at this time again is because the Internet financial lending rate, there is a new type of business - "cash loan, the loan is characterized by short-term, unsecured, interest is high, more flexible. The reason is because the interest is high, although the short-term lending face ten and a half months of interest does not seem high, but the conversion rate is far more than 36% adults.
Regulators are also concerned about the cash loan business, in April 10th, the CBRC issued the "guidance" on banking risk prevention and control work requirements, continue to promote the network lending platform (P2P) the risk of special rectification, and put forward for the first time to "cash loan" business rectification work.
Maintain a high pressure on illegal fund-raising sex massage
In the field of Internet banking, the "opinions" also stipulates that according to the law of Internet banking involved in specific legal relationships, which determine the rights and obligations of all parties. Crack down on illegal or criminal activities involving Internet banking or Internet banking in accordance with the law, and regulate and protect the healthy development of Internet banking.
According to the practice of financial qualification of state-owned enterprises engage in financial services, loans become channels, "opinions" requirements, to engage in financial business, taking credit funds of financial institutions and Gregory lending, it shall deny the lending behavior law, and by the way to the competent judicial recommendations the corresponding department, contain the channel business, to guide their return to the real economy.
Illegal fund-raising behavior, endangering people's property safety and social stability, and cracking down on illegal fund-raising is the key point to guard against financial risks. "Opinions" requirements, according to the law fair and efficient trial of illegal fund-raising cases, continue to maintain illegal fund-raising crackdown on the high pressure situation. According to the criminal cases of illegal fund-raising more than the number of participants, the large amount of money involved, and a wide range of characteristics, industry and the relative concentration of the region, to strengthen communication and coordination with the functions of organs, local government cooperation, enhance the treatment effect, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of victims, effectively maintain social stability.
At present, illegal fund-raising remediation situation?boy sky massage
In April 25th, the prevention and disposal of illegal fund-raising law and policy advocacy forum, the prevention and disposal of illegal fund-raising inter ministerial joint meeting office (non Office) director Yang Yuzhu said,