After the earthquake, diners returned to settle accounts

In the restaurant, it encountered the earthquake, the first bill or the first escape? Of course. If you keep it, will you go back to the restaurant and pay for it?
Outstanding business amounted to more than 6 yuan, shopping malls responsible person does not blame customers
On the evening of August 8th 21:19, 7 earthquake occurred in Sichuan County, Aba Prefecture of Jiuzhaigou Province, and Xi'an was strongly felt. A body of the hamlet of Xi'an commercial catering area SEG International Shopping Center for many people to escape, unpaid meals, up to more than 6 yuan. According to mall staff Du Du said, almost all of the loss from the dining escort
"Although most of them are" disappeared "with the earthquake risk of the 8 day. But there are still customers returning to pay, or they will return to the restaurant immediately after the earthquake, or in second (9) to check out, or call the merchant, said there is time to checkout." Du said, "in all of the mall staff induction fire training, we repeatedly stressed that encountered earthquakes and other non resistance factors, we must first guide customers to evacuate.". Therefore, 8 night earthquake occurred, there has been no forced customers to pay the bill, and never blame the earthquake and did not check out of the customer. Of course, we still hope that when the danger is over, they can come back and check out when it's convenient."
In addition, there are staff said: "the earthquake occurred at 9:19 in the evening, shopping malls closed time is 10 points, so most of the customers are the end of the meal stage. Still hope they can come back to pay for the meal when they are convenient."
Diners fled the hotel after the earthquake and now returned to the checkout Mall: "no, no, no customers."
There are customers coming back to pay, waiter, thank you.boy massage
In the earthquake before the payment and the loss of more than 6000 yuan Huang Huang Kee three juice stew pot shop cashier, Ms. Tian said: "the 9 day at 11 pm, dressed in a blue shirt, about 30 years old, handsome a man went to the cash register said," sorry, I bear 8 evening meal account. I'm sorry I left because there was no time to check out the earthquake. He pointed his finger at the table where he was eating and paid 190 yuan for the meal after checking the menu. I kept saying thank you at the manager's request. Thank you. He only replies, should, should." According to the menu records show, 8 evening 8:30 Xu, the man went to the store to order, and the clerk speculated that he was in the earthquake, the meal is almost over.
According to the restaurant manager Mr. Yuan said: "8 nights, the store 34 tables are full, the average consumption per table is about 200 yuan.". Before closing An important juncture of life and death that we can understand, to close the 4 table meal customers thanks. Of course, honesty should be the quality of every citizen."
On the 6 floor, a waiter at a hot pot shop said: "when the earthquake happened, we saw the chandelier of the shop swinging back and forth, but not much.". Because we have received the waiter fire training, not too alarmed, but many customers are away, we certainly can not be stopped. Can only stand at each door to help evacuate, some customers do not want to go through the fire channel, worry about not go through, do not know the way. At that time, the restaurant had about 13 table meals. At present, 6 table customers returned to settle accounts, and the loss was about 1000 yuan." According to little introduction, all returned customers are very polite, repeated that the earthquake did not have time to checkout.
"All our waiters also say thank you to these customers as required. To tell you the truth, I didn't expect them to come." Xiao Ho spa
It is understood that the shopping mall dining area about 80 restaurants, of which 40 customers did not pay for the earthquake because of the behavior of meals.
Diners fled the hotel after the earthquake and now returned to the checkout Mall: "no, no, no customers."
Will you return the bill?
China Daily reporter interviewed a number of people along the street, most of the public are able to return the bill to the public praised. As for how to do this when faced with this situation, the public gives a variety of answers.
Ms. Jia said: "the score, if I had just ordered the meal has not started, then I certainly will not go back to checkout; if I finish dinner, then I may go back."."shanghai gay massage
Sun said: "in the event of an earthquake, people from the restaurant do not check out, excusable, from the restaurant out, we must look for an open area, at one thirty, afraid to go upstairs to dinner.". Wait until the second day, the work is so busy, you want to return the bill, it is estimated that you have to wait until evening work or rest day. Maybe a few more days, and more people will be checking out."
Diners fled the hotel after the earthquake and now returned to the checkout Mall: "no, no, no customers."
Liu said: "to return to settle the meal of the public is worth a little praise, is worthy of all our citizens to learn, although we have a variety of reasons not to return the bill, but we also have a variety of reasons should return the bill."." gay male massage videos