The destroyer entered the South China Sea mischief reef 12 miles

[Global Times] - global network reported 10 Reuters quoted an anonymous U.S. officials said the U.S. Navy destroyer Mccain Thursday (10 days) of the "freedom of navigation" in the South China Sea, into mischief reef 12 miles, to challenge the China soundterritory. Reported that, this is the Trump administration came to power, the United States Navy in the South China Sea "third free navigation" action".gay massage
Spratly Islands is located in the Middle East of mischief reef waters. In May 25th this year, the U.S. Dewey missile destroyer entered Chinese Meiji reef 12 miles. Deputy director, Defense Ministry spokesman Chinese defense ministry Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Ren Guoqiang was confirmed, Chinese Navy Liuzhou missile frigate, Luzhou missile frigate on U.S. warships were identified to verify, and give a warning to drive away. China has indisputable sovereignty over Spratly Islands and its adjacent waters, he said. The Chinese military expressed resolute opposition to the US military's display of force and the militarization of the region, which could easily lead to an air sea accident, and made solemn representations to the United states.male massage
In July 2nd, the United States Navy "Stan Cem" missile destroyer did not apply to the Chinese government, unauthorized access to China's Paracel Islands in the island 12 nautical miles. Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said this, Chinese Navy Luoyang missile frigate, Suqian missile frigate, the USS Taishan minesweepers and two fighters -11B fighters immediately action,gay bar to drive away the warning. He said that the Chinese government published the baselines of the territorial waters of the Paracel Islands in May 1996, in accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China on territorial seas and adjacent zones. The United States is determined to send warships into China's territorial waters without provocation. It is a serious offence. China's defense ministry expressed its firm opposition. At present, under the joint efforts of regional countries, the situation in the South China Sea has slowed down and cooled sauna But "shuyujingerfengbuzhi", the United States, knowingly violate incorrigible, once again sent warships into Chinese territorial waters, the doings of serious damage to strategic mutual trust between the two sides, serious damage to the development of Sino US military relations and political atmosphere, seriously endanger the safety of both front-line officers, seriously break the peace and stability of the bad area. China's armed forces will strengthen the defense capability building according to the extent of the threat to the national security, increase the air and sea patrols, and firmly safeguard the sovereignty and security of the club
The American "Mccain" destroyer was named after the American Mccain family. Has always been tough on China US Senator Mccain, before being diagnosed with a brain tumor.
"Global Times" reporter was on the USS Mccain in 12 miles for Chinese mischief reef in response to the Department of defense. Earlier, American media reported that The Pentagon changed the previous South China Sea "free sailing" application plans and procedures, then the action will tend to sex massage