Retirement reasons: owe more to the family

In April 27th, the Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun ended the press conference with a standard ceremony. Yang Yujun salute is a response to a burst of applause, the applause is the live media reporter Yang Yujun a statement of apology on the expression of spontaneous feelings. This is the Department of defense for the first time in the history of public apology, is also the first official Chinese confessed their shortcomings and mistakes liberal and dignified. This behavior won more applause and praise in the folk.male massage
Standing here, looking back at the scene, I found that the applause was a perfect end to Yang Yujun's military career. The April 27th news conference was Yang Yujun's last appearance at the press release, a farewell ceremony for his military career.
In August 9th, Yang Yujun's resume was quietly removed from the official website of the defense ministry's website. "Global Times" reporter was informed that the higher authorities have approved Yang Yujun's independent employment application report, which means that Yang Yujun officially retired from active service.
Yang Yujun is the top Defense spokesman for the first choice to retire from active duty. At the same time, Yang Yujun's "independent choice" way to leave the army, but also means that the future will not choose to continue its career in the system. This also made the national ministries press spokesman to leave the system to add one more. Before leaving, the system chose to abandon the official business, from the teaching of the spokesman, including the Supreme People's court spokesman Sun Jungong, Shen Danyang, spokesman for the Ministry of commerce.
Why choose to retire,gay sex massage
People familiar with the situation are surprised, Yang Yujun will opt out of active service, because Yang Yujun's resume is really beautiful, career bright.
In July 1993, Yang Yujun graduated from the China Foreign Affairs University and the "articles" pen enlist, enter the Foreign Affairs Office of the Ministry of national defense (now Central Military Commission International Military Cooperation Office work). Yang Yujun to accept the "Global Times" reporter an exclusive interview that can join the army is one of the most gratifying thing in life let him, is his childhood dream, the boys have a "love in the martial arts, to serve the country's military dream.
The Foreign Affairs Office of the Ministry of national defense is the forefront of China's military public opinion. In the 24 years of military occupation career, Yang Yujun served as chief of staff, director, policy research office, the Department of Defense Information Office Deputy Director, director, meets a "no war in different positions".
In a public opinion battle, Yang Yujun's talent and ideas are outstanding. According to the "Global Times" understand, Yang Yujun during his career, many times because of outstanding performance in advance promotion, also served as the unit's youngest bureau level cadres.boy massage
Yang Yujun was born in 1970 and is currently has two years of division. At the same time, Chinese army is a hitherto unknown military reform, the selection of military cadres personnel further fairness, transparency and the trend of younger cadres for all this Yujun a trend which cannot be halted, Yang will be plus.
Why did Yang Yujun choose to retire from active service at this time?
Before the official announcement, WeChat's circle of friends had some speculative ideas. Some have interpreted Yang Yujun's departure as part of the ongoing military reform, and some see it as a result of personnel changes.
In Yang Yujun's view, the spokesman can only release news, can not become "news parties", for the departure, he hopes to "quietly left."". But his military status, jiliuyongtui choice, and even move out of the system can stop the attention of the outside world. As a professional spokesman, Yang Yujun chose to be frank and respond to questions and concerns from the outside world.
Yang Yujun said, and there is no outside speculation complex factors, choose retirement is purely personal reasons. "I love this outfit, and I love the Ministry of defense information release. Years of military career, has been dedicated. But now families need me more. After careful thought, it is really difficult to do both ends of the family business, and finally decided to take more time to accompany the family. So I put in an application in January this year and have been approved recently after the necessary organizational procedures."
The Yang Yujun retirement and family health related. The same is a "love" word, Yang Yujun first half of the choice of dedication to their love of career, the latter half of the choice to accompany more family.
In addition to the Department of Defense News Bureau daily news release, is also responsible for monitoring of public opinion, public relations crisis, foreign media communication services, administrative micro-blog operations, defense white paper draft, international communication and other functions, busy heavy. If, in the motherland, the Island border 24 hours of normal patrols, combat readiness, then in Beijing, North Third Ring of public opinion front position also has a group of people in 24 hours combat readiness, ready to deal with unexpected situations. As head of a department, Yang Yujun invested more energy. Yang Yujun said, "over the years, parents, lovers and children have given me full support for my career, and since I joined the army, I have done too little and owe too much to my family.". Now I think I should give them more company and love."
Looking back on the career of a press spokesman, I asked if I had set a small goal for myself at the beginning of my career Yang Yujun said, "there is no definite small goal, just to answer, ask, speak well, do not discredit the country and the army, do not let comrades disappointed."."gay male massage videos

7 years later, Yang Yujun still clearly remember the first time the spotlight, the biggest feeling is "too hot."". "I remember it was in the summer, and my colleagues made the difference."