Early warning of earthquake early warning system

Beijing, Chengdu, August 9 8 21:19, Aba Prefecture, Jiuzhaigou Province, Sichuan 7 earthquake, the focal depth of 20 km. 9, the reporter was informed that the earthquake early warning system developed by the Chengdu new construction in earthquake mitigation arrived in Gansu, arrived in Longnan before 19 seconds, 48 seconds before the ABA arrived in Guangyuan before 48 seconds, 49 seconds before arriving in Mianyang, arrived in Chengdu for 71 seconds before the release of early warning information, early warning information to broadcast warning, TV pop, mobile phone alarm, APP receiving terminal, micro-blog released a special warning form.gay massage
The director of the Institute of the national people plan talent, director of the Sichuan Province Key Laboratory of earthquake early warning and mitigation of Chengdu high tech Wang Tun Dr. introduction, earthquake early warning is an automatic networking, can realize the automatic response of the second grade. The major earthquake zone layout intensive (the distance between 15-20 km) earthquake early warning monitor, when the earthquake occurred,gay escort  using the principle of wave ratio of seismic wave propagation speed, the earthquake damage before, through the mobile phone, micro-blog, and other special emergency broadcast receiving terminal, provided few seconds to tens of seconds before the earthquake early warning alarm full automatic second response to users, people in timely hedging to reduce casualties, emergency disposal of important projects to reduce economic losses and secondary disasters.gay spa
The Jiuzhaigou earthquake occurred, Xu Ling and his wife, who lives in Wenchuan county is watching TV, the TV screen is suddenly pop cover, display the following text: earthquake early warning information blue background window: Sichuan earthquake in Jiuzhaigou, Wenchuan will have felt, please do hedge preparation, and 52 seconds to reach the earthquake wave. At the same time, the TV also alarm countdown countdown, Xu Ling hurriedly and his wife hid in the bathroom.
The earthquake intensity is the TV subtitles notice, the seismic intensity is big TV pop countdown countdown." Xu Ling said, the county in 2014 installed an earthquake warning system, once the surrounding areas have earthquake, can through broadcast alarm, television, mobile phones, APP and other different ways to receive early warning information.gay club
Pictured: Wenchuan TV users received a TV earthquake warning screenshot. Chengdu hi tech Disaster Reduction Agency for Tutu: Wenchuan TV users received a television earthquake warning screenshot. Chengdu hi tech disaster reduction Bureau for map
It is understood that the Chengdu Tianfu Software Park as the country's first installation of the earthquake warning system software park, after the earthquake warning, its elevator automatically realize automatic flat layer shut down, to avoid personnel trapped. This is the first time the country has achieved earthquake early warning, triggering elevators, automatic leveling, shutting down. When the earthquake occurred, the software engineer Chen Bozheng stepped into the elevator, the elevator that cannot be closed, also heard echoing ear piercing alarm countdown sound.gay bar
The reporter learned from the Chengdu hi tech mitigation Institute learned that the Sichuan Jiuzhaigou 7 earthquake, 11 schools of 6 cities in Sichuan province Guangyuan City, Chengdu City, Mianyang City, Gansu Province, Aba Prefecture, Longnan City, Shaanxi city of Hanzhoung Province, and sound an alarm in the seismic wave before the arrival of 5 seconds - 38 seconds receive early warning. At the same time, the National Disaster Reduction Center and the national early warning information release center received the earthquake warning information from the four cities closest to the epicenter by the special receiving terminal for the first time.gay sauna