Libya evacuation ship "wolf 2" talk: Navy did not slow response

In the overseas evacuation as the background of the "wolf 2" powder suction force continues to increase, as of 7, "the wolf" 2 mainland box office has exceeded 3 billion 400 million yuan.
The Libya captain on evacuation 2: Navy did not slow the wolf
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Once the implementation of the Libya evacuation mission of the Xuzhou ship captain Wang Hongmin in an interview with this film, the most critical moment from the naval fleet launched land attack cruise missiles off the bridge has become a reality, the ability of Chinese navy has been able to carry out various tasks in the world any waters.male massage
The Libya captain on evacuation 2: Navy did not slow the wolf
"Wolf 2" is the background of the African country armed rebellion, Chinese naval ships to evacuate. Charter flights, military ships and aircraft, ships and other transport and air sea show linkage action, which in 2011 for the first time to go to Libya to perform China PLA evacuation mission was very similar. February 2011 is the Aden Gulf and Somalia waters implementation of the escort mission in Xuzhou for the implementation of the first ship stepped from my ship escort mission in Libya personnel. This is a history of action, the Navy's first overseas to participate in the evacuation mission of our army, creating a new record of non war military operations.
Xuzhou ship captain Wang Hongmin said when he was 6 to accept this interview, watching this movie as if back in distant lands to perform an emergency evacuation mission at the scene, "the situation was critical and urgent time, heavy task, difficult, than the movie expression ifheavier. This is an emergency task, the relevant circumstances of the Mediterranean commander is not very clear: for example, the deterioration of the situation in Libya and to what extent, how the security situation of Tripoli port, near the sea are terrorists, the number of Chinese personnel evacuation sex massage
The Libya captain on evacuation 2: Navy did not slow the wolf
As the evacuation has witnessed a captain, Wang Hongmin believes that the film in order to highlight the hero of the lone hero of courage, exaggerated the role of personal power. In reality, this situation does not depend on one or two heroes can solve the problem. In fact, in the 26 convoy operations that have been carried out, the Chinese navy has sent out commandos and marines. Practice test these sent to the line of special warfare units to deal with a variety of complex situations, the conclusion is that the ability is not in the United States "seals" commandos, under the circumstances can give full play to team strength.
In addition, Wang Hongmin pointed out that, in order to create exciting effects, the film at the critical moment to implement accurate strike firepower, destroy the action, slow response. "With this serious situation in reality, our forces will predict fire support and formulate emergency plans for dangerous situation, based on the advance forces launched and do all the preparatory work to ensure that the rescue force, can make rapid response in the first time in the situation when major changes occur."boy massage
Wang Hongmin told the ring, with me in the coming of the information age, the front and rear has realized the integration of real-time command, a front, rear can grasp and make decisions, will not appear for many, the film program, the slow response of the situation. Wang Hongmin believes that 6 years ago Xuzhou ship thousands of miles to go riding the Mediterranean to help Libya to evacuate, two years ago, the navy destroyer fleet sailed to Yemen Aden port evacuation, the film carrier formation in an emergency to the troubled waters to carry out evacuation mission in the future will become a reality. "This is the promotion of naval capability. It is the responsibility of the Chinese navy. It is the need of the national interest and the expectation of all the people of the country."." gay male massage videos