The evacuation from India? Rumors spread over the net

"Oh, get the message, Chinese started the evacuation from India." Yesterday, similar news circulated on Sina micro-blog, and recently, China's major organs of the frequent propaganda India, similar to the "news" on the Internet triggered the Chinese "bridge ready for war" association. But there is a message to ring said, although there are indeed a private part of people in India to evacuate Chinese funded enterprises, but with the current situation in China and India has little massage
The evacuation from India China start? Source: Department of sina micro-blog network transmission more rumors circulated on the Chinese evacuation from India news,gay sauna
7, in addition to see the "evacuation" ring speculation on micro-blog, a Chinese company WeChat group in India Group also revealed that there are half of evacuation of Chinese funded enterprises, and continue to evacuate the trend. But the main group to statistics "half withdrawal" conclusion, can make nothing of it.
According to this understanding, the current number of Chinese funded enterprises in India about 500 to 600, the number of about 4000 people, the headquarters is located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta, India and other big city in Pune, around the project site is also a considerable number of technical and management bar
In July 7th this year, the Chinese Embassy in India issued a "security announcement for Chinese citizens in India"":
The evacuation from India China start? Sources: rumors spread over the network
A China energy item company responsible person told the ring, although there is no Chinese overall evacuation plans, but companies are equipped with staff to reduce as much as possible in India, "do not have the project personnel can be withdrawn", "our company in a few days have gone half".gay spa
7, sources said the ring on the ring, a network of "evacuation" rumors, not part of the investment in India landing or trading some companies being home watching the situation, but there is no large-scale evacuation, it should not be understood as "preparing for action".
As to why reduce staffing situation, an enterprise personage of ring said, regardless of how to solve the India hole long confrontation, mutual trust between the two countries has dropped to the lowest point in 50 years, the development of Chinese in India was difficult, now is not necessary in India one disaster after another, then the weight of assets and investment club
Another Chinese enterprise in India people investment services to ring said: "our company has main personnel and business to Iran, we are not optimistic about the next 10 years in the development of Chinese escort