Hongkong convicted convicted of rioting in Mong Kok

The Hong kong District Court ruled in July 17th that 3 people in Hongkong were convicted of rioting in Mong Kok riots. This afternoon, the district court ruled that two of the accused were imprisoned for 3 years, and one defendant was admitted to the school. This is the second in Mong Kok after riots rioters were sentenced to riot crime and jailed cases.gay massage
3 accused from February 8, 2016 to 9 in Mong Kok, Hongkong, together with other people, were charged with the riots. The judge said in the verdict, the video was shot from the riot can be seen, the defendant in the riot stood near the front of the crowd, holding a glass bottle or brick,gay sauna display ready to use violence, and throwing behavior that they belong to actively participate in the riots, in which two defendants and 4 case bottom, including theft and wounding. The police were restrained in front of the line and didn't do anything exciting.
The judge said, the day of the incident,gay bar more than 100 people confrontation with the police more than 20 minutes, causing great damage and serious injury related to social stability and public safety; the police act when they throw brick to the police, may constitute a serious or even fatal injuries. He stressed that Hongkong is a small, densely populated and busy place, and the spread of the riots can be very fast and lead to serious consequences.
The evening of February 8, 2016 to 9 am, Hongkong alleged illegal traders and hundreds of rioters in Hongkong, serious conflict broke out with the police, they destroyed police and public facilities, arson and throwing bricks to the police, resulting in hundreds of police officers and journalists were injured, the riots triggered the Hongkong community strongly condemned the violence.male massage
Earlier today, the high court of Hongkong court also originating another 10 people accused of involvement in the case of closed door pre-trial riots in Mong kok. It is understood that 10 people were accused in February last year 8 to 9 in Hongkong, Mong Kok Portland Street, Argyle Street, Shandong street and Garden Street involved in illegal riots, charged with conspiracy to riot, riots, arson, assault and other crimes.
In March 16th, the District Court of Hongkong had sentenced 3 men and women in Hongkong to 3 years' imprisonment for the riot offences they had committed to participate in the riots in Mong kok. gay spa