Central bank: businesses refused to cash in violation of the law

CNR network Beijing August 5th news, according to voice of china CNR News reported that the convenience store pulled out a cell phone sweep sweeping payments, for many people in the city is already the norm. This week, Alipay launched a "free cash week" activities, and 8 this month,gay escort
WeChat will also launch "no cash". When all the bank cards and the Internet are linked together, what security risks will threaten you and my pocketbook?
Recently this week, a number of third party pay force to push "no cash" consumption, this period of time, in supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and many other places, cash payments are gradually replaced by scanning yards. Even in many two-dimensional code vegetable market selling vege2tables, fish stalls are arrayed in Alipay, WeChat, welcome consumers to pay.male massage
No cash benefits obviously, for businesses from the change of the trouble, as long as you can see the mobile phone up accounted for; for consumers this payment from the same with a bulging wallet purse lost even worry about troubles.gay club
However, with the gradual promotion of mobile payment methods, some businesses seem to step a little larger, some businesses openly refused to accept cash, only accept mobile payment, this behavior caused widespread questioning.
Recently, the central bank staff made a clear statement, if businesses appear to reject RMB cash behavior, in fact, he has violated the law. In the third general provisions of the RMB administration regulations of the People's Republic of China, it is pointed out clearly: "the legal currency of People's Republic of China is RMB.". All public and private debts within the territory of the People's Republic of China shall be paid in Renminbi, and no entity or individual may refuse it". This means that if the merchant refuses to accept cash payment, he has violated the law.
In addition, due to the "cashless society" full and comprehensive record of personal payment information, which is related to personal privacy, once the sensitive information is massive leak, will cause significant social impact, and even the formation of irreparable damage.gay sauna
Internet experts Wang Yue said that financial innovation tools attack may also cause damage to the national financial security, "money not only relates to the people, not only the enterprise income, it directly affects a country's economic and trade, if the financial innovation tool of a direct threat to the financial security of the country by hackers or espionage, consequences be unbearable to contemplate."gay male massage videos