Real estate prices slightly downward trend

On August 4th, the people's Bank of China issued the report on China's regional financial operations (2017). The special "real estate market differentiation policies applied by the city regulation policy effect gradually" pointed out that in 2017, the region will earnestly implement the "the house was used to live, not for speculation" policy, continue to strengthen the policies applied by the city "policy,gay massage the national real estate market appears traded down and the price decreased slightly stable development trend. However, housing prices are expected to remain: the shortage of land, part of the city appeared even more expensive than bread flour "; some hot city stocks are low, short-term market supply; residents' investment channels are limited and return is not high.
The report believes that the following should be done. First, establish a sound long-term mechanism for the healthy development of the property market. gay bar Clear, near, medium and long-term urban construction land and land supply planning, urban household registration population and public welfare and construction land index linked to stable expectations. We can explore and establish and improve land equivalent system, through the transaction to achieve comprehensive balance in the country, and improve the intensive use of land in the country. The two is to actively improve the basis of small and medium-sized city development, improve the small and medium-sized city attraction, and the formation of the superiority industry, rapid transit connection, high-quality public service supply, inclusive, green low-carbon city network,gay spa  also help to ease the city non core function. Three is to strengthen the macro Prudential Management of housing finance, and continue to do a good job in real estate financial regulation, in support of residents reasonable home purchase at the same time, strictly restrict the flow of credit investment, speculative buying. Four is to actively develop long-term public rental sex massage