Monthly salary is still alive

The monthly income is not low, but it is home and bed are dependent on the elderly parents, parents intolerable, together with the son of a paper filed a case to the court, the daughter will be out of the house. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the City Women's Rights Advisory Service Center, this pile of "family war" eventually "buyout" end: parents pay their daughter to 150,000 yuan, her daughter to move as soon as possible.
Last month, the city women's rights staff received the consultation to come to the summer Hua (a pseudonym) and his parents. Xia Hua said, sister Xia Lan (a pseudonym) this year has been more than 40 years old, has been unmarried, more than ten years have lived together in his name under a house. "Sister own monthly salary of nearly ten thousand yuan, often travel at home and abroad, but no living expenses, room and board are parents to pay. gay escort
Parents and brother of the accusations, Xia Lan also feel wronged. She said that parents have a heavy patriarchal thoughts, ten years ago, they bought a set of more than 100 square meters for his brother's house, over the years, the family lived together, she also contributed to the family. Later, after the marriage of her brother to live alone, her and her parents more and more contradictions, and my heart more and more feel unbalanced, "money do not want to give parents, they are unfair to me, I also need compensation.male massage
In the face of her daughter's move, Sharan's parents hope she can move, but repeatedly asked to have been rejected by Sharan. Last month, Xia Hua to the identity of the head of the household, and parents to the court to sue, asked her sister immediately removed from his house. After mediation, the final, Xia Lan's parents agreed to her daughter 150,000 yuan, and she had to move in two months.
City Women's Rights Service Counseling Service staff believe that the parents of all their own property has the right to autonomy, the children can not interfere, the parents did not provide financial support for adult children's obligations, the requirements of the company can not get legal support. Now with money "buyout" the family, as children can respect their parents, parents of children is not able to try to ensure fair, both sides need to reflect on the problem. gay male massage videos