Nurse spoon granny tongue forced sleeping pills

Dalian 75 year old woman fell a broken leg, was admitted to the hospital waiting for surgery, the family was busy working to take care of it please the care workers, but did not expect to see Lee in people without any permission, forcibly fed old sleeping pills.male massage
The 75 year old fracture admitted family caregiver please
Ms Wang's mother, 75 year old, suffering from cerebral infarction and cerebellar atrophy, July 26th in the bathroom, the old man accidentally fell a broken leg, has been in the hospital waiting for surgery.
Because the job is busy, Ms. Wang and his family after deliberation, the others introduced a nurse please take care of the mother, nurse Lee, Jilin, 51 years old this year, nursing fee 200 yuan a day
Ms. Wang said: in order to allow workers dedicated to take care of the mother, in the mother to eat what to eat what to care, "people in heart".gay club
Family care for the elderly by forced feeding
On the evening of August 1st, Ms. Wang left the hospital because she was so upset with pain that she stayed with her until about 10. On a trip to the bathroom, she suddenly realized there was a hand bag left behind, just to get back to the ward.
Ms. Wang said, because at that time the weather was late, she worried that the patient with the ward has been asleep, afraid of disturbing others, so first through the doors and windows to observe. The nurse is caught to mother medicine.
Care for the elderly humphsquirts spoon granny tongue forced sleeping pills
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After the nurse finally admitted sophistry is fed to the sleeping pills
"She pressed the old lady's tongue with her spoon and was pressing it, and my mother kept shaking her head."
Such a scene, so that Ms. Wang immediately alert. Ms. Wang quickly stepped forward to stop, the workers in the health body strength of PA in the side, Ms. Wang hugged his mother, nurse is from the mouth of the mother took the small pills, go to the spa
Care for the elderly humphsquirts spoon granny tongue forced sleeping pills
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In the face of "what medicine" to the mother to feed the nurse asked, initially said is painkillers, when Ms. Wang asked the hospital for pain capsule has to mother fed out of date, nurse said "I will go after you".
Ms. Wang went to the nursing station to ask, the duty personnel indicated that did not add the stopping pain tablet again.
Finally, workers have to admit to the elderly themselves are fed sleeping pills.
For the elderly "whines" nurse fed sleeping pills "to help sleep"
Ms. Wang asked the mother, nurse in the feeding of sleeping pills, and whether she consulted. Although it is difficult for the old man to communicate because of the atrophy of the cerebellum, he still says "no" on and off".
Know the nurse privately to the mother fed sleeping pills, Ms. Wang was very angry, immediately dialed 110, and hit each other a slap in the face, workers did not fight sauna
In August 2nd, the two sides to Guilin street, Dalian City Public Security Bureau police station for investigation, in the face of evidence, Lee admitted privately for the elderly care workers fed sleeping pills in fact, reason is "old day pain, after eating painkillers still groan and moan cannot sleep, want to give old people eat sleeping pills to sleep".
Sleeping pills were taken when I took care of an old man
Sleeping pills are prescription drugs which must be dispensed, purchased and used by practitioners or practicing physician bar
Then the nurse hands sleeping pills is how come? In this regard, Lee said, "before taking care of an old man, where he got two."".
Finally after the mediation, nurse Lee Ms. Wang 2000 yuan compensation money and return to the previous nursing fee.
How to find workers to play tricks on the old drugs
The reporter interviewed many domestic workers, the housekeeping staff told reporters, to take care of the elderly children in the home, can't please care after solely to care for the elderly, care for the children, not the absence of.
If you are worried about the workers play tricks on the elderly to take medicine, medicine for the elderly to take care of children need, such as a need to take any medicine, specifically a few pieces, what color is, for what disease, heart to have male massage videos