The men were praised but arrested for being robbed

According to Taiwan's "cloud" news reports, the Taipei District of Zhongshan city in July 27th 1 coaster robbery, the police investigation found that the perpetrators actually won the former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou praised the deaf super real estate intermediary Wang Hao, Zhongshan branch of the police station on line two arrested him after the robbery suspect transferred to prosecutors office " massage
Police pointed out that July 27th at 3:45 in the morning, received a total of 1 women reported that the woman said he walked on the road, the new civil rights Road East Exit 1, was riding a bicycle snatched, the police immediately after the access along the survey bar
The man snatched the bag hand 150 yuan (NT, the same below, about 33 yuan), then the bicycle on the roadside, fled to the Wanhua District friends house to hide, the police found the Wang Hao crime line in the next day, was moved to Zhongshan branch investigation team, including 1 police officers surnamed Zhao saw him at present, asked: "you are the one million (about RMB 220 thousand) salesman?".
Now Wang Hao is ashamed to cry, make a written record, Wang Hao wrote in the paper: "because it needs 5 thousand yuan, a thought crime, feel very ashamed, surnamed Zhao police officers and police officers jointly invested 1500 yuan to Wang Hao, so he cried on the spot.
It is reported that Wang Hao at the age of 8 months because of a fever to lose the ability to speak, listening, hear, speak to the situation that he had committed the crime of drug, abandonment, burglary, so many times in and out of prison; until 11 years ago, Wang Hao met something, suddenly decided to go to decide, from the beginning of the real estate sex massage
After 3 years of hard work, Wang Haocheng performance more than a million super real estate intermediary, 10 months sold 7 rooms, uplifting story also won praise from former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou, even published autobiography "bronze winner: Taiwan hero Wang Hao".
But did not expect the recent real estate market slump, that was as good a salesman, to 5000 yuan in the street robbery, after hearing by the police in accordance with the robbery suspect transferred Dejianshu investigation.