Underage girls were forced into prostitution

Shanxi Datong 8 groups of gangs in order to introduce work in the name of illegal detention, rape, threats and other means to control the implementation of prostitution of 4 young girls. Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau of Datong Bureau of criminal investigation team Yudong staff told surging news, 8 members currently involved have been arrested, the case of 3 suspects have been detained, the other 5 members were punished.
In August 2nd, the Datong Public Security Bureau network security detachment through the official WeChat public number Datong police patrol law enforcement informed that, recently, Yudong Public Security Bureau successfully cracked the illegal detention, rape, with 4 underage girls in prostitution case involved a total of 8 people, including 5 people under the age of 18. 4 minors were illegally detained for 45 days, forced to accumulate more than 10 yuan for criminal gangs. gay escort
"Datong police patrol law enforcement" WeChat public release bulletin, July 30th 6, the Datong Public Security Bureau Branch Yudong Shuibo Temple police station received a report said the girl, controlled by others and forced prostitution for a month. After receiving the report, the branch immediately organized police force, launched the case detection work, and arrested 8 members of the crime gang on the same day.
After the interrogation, the suspect Yang as the culprit, Hemou, Zhang as the backbone, 3 people gathered in June 2017, Zhang, Lumou, Party A, Xuemou, Yuanmou and other illegal criminal activities of the youth society.
The suspect confessed Yang et al, in the name of their introduction work, through the network to identify the object, has the Weimou 4 underage girls to cheat or forcibly brought to the members of the group in the shanty room rental, take the illegal detention, rape, threats and other means to control the injured girl for as long as the implementation of prostitution. For 45 days, money nearly 10 yuan for its criminal gangs.
At present, the suspect Yang, Hemou, Zhang 3 people have been under criminal detention, the other 5 members were punished by public security, the case is under further investigation.gay male massage videos