In case of job recruitment hit choushuigou false

The Beijing news today, from the media reported that, Northeastern University graduates Li Wenxing through BOSS direct hire to find a job, suspected of experiencing "Li Gui" company, and finally paid the price of life.
2 pm, BOSS direct hire to the Beijing News reporter responded that BOSS directly employed in that situation, the first time to extract the relevant data and save,gay bar  to cooperate with the investigation of the case at any time; "in all the facts on the occasion, according to law shall bear all the responsibility, we are willing to undertake thorough."gay sauna
Li Wenxing, 23, was born in a rural family in Shandong, Dezhou Province, last year just graduated from the Northeastern University's resource exploration program, media reports said. After graduating from college, Li Wenxing did not want to find a job related to this major. Eventually, Li Wenxing through the Internet recruitment platform "BOSS direct hire", got a company called "Beijing branch blue company" company Offer. However, the family and friends found that after going to the company "report", Li Wenxing's attitude was cold, frequent loss of contact, repeatedly borrowing money, according to his accident before the various signs of abnormal. In July 14th, the body of Li Wenxing was found in the Jinghai District of Tianjin. The so-called "Beijing branch blue" is a name of "Li Gui" company massage
According to reports, the "Li Gui" company involves pyramid schemes.
For the report, 2 pm, BOSS direct recruitment to the Beijing News reporter responded that, on July 28, 2017 (Friday), BOSS direct recruitment was informed that "Li Xing incident", BOSS direct hire, the first time made contact with the police. At the same time, BOSS direct engagement, and actively contact the families of Li Wenxing understand the situation, hoping to help.
BOSS directly hired, said the evening of July 29, 2017, BOSS directly engaged in the company and representatives of the family meet; the family representative provided him with information related to the case. In the light of this information, the BOSS shall employ and retain the relevant data for the first time in order to cooperate with the case investigation at any time.male massage
Why is there an imposter, "Li Gui" platform is the best to review obligations? In this regard, BOSS refused to reply directly employed to meet the needs of police handling.
Previously reported:
Job boy Li Wenxing's death: BOSS direct hire now company Li Wenxing
Now, Ding Yecheng still blame. In Li Wenxing time to tell myself to go to work in Tianjin Yecheng Ding, had talked with him: "it's only call me, I don't know (this work) is not reliable, I am afraid of mlm." However, in that case, he still failed to stop him from entering Tianjin.
Because Li Wenxing was too anxious for a job.
In May 15th, Li Wenxing sent his resume on the recruitment platform.
On May 19th, I received the letter of engagement.
In May 20th, he moved from Beijing to Tianjin.
In July 8th, the mother made the last phone call, saying, "whoever calls for money, don't give it to him."".
In July 14th, the body was found in the Jinghai District of Tianjin.
In just two months, it has become a nightmare for Li Wenxing's family. A listed company thought to be knocking bricks Offer, but eventually let Northeastern University class 12 students Li Wenxing toward the end of life. While in the Internet recruitment platform BOSS direct hire and Beijing Branch Blue Li Wenxing contact, just a false recruitment of "Li Gui" club
In the past two months, went to Tianjin to report after the Li Wenxing cold, frequently lost contact, repeatedly borrow money, according to him before the accident the various abnormal signs, the village elder brother Li Gangyi said: "only may be deceived to the MLM organization, there is no other possibility."
"Your brother had an accident in Tianjin.""
Li Wenxing, 23, was born in a rural family in Shandong, Dezhou province. He graduated from the Northeastern University in resource exploration engineering last year. Li Wenxing's twin sister, Li Wenyue, said that as the only college student in the family, an excellent young brother was the hope of their entire family.
After graduating from college, Li Wenxing did not want to find a job related to this major. "He's always going for a long trip, but our parents are old and he wants to stay close to his family and take care of his parents." Li Wenyue says. Therefore, after consulting with the family, Li Wenxing decided to report a IT training course in Beijing to study Java, and then find a job in IT spa
Li Wenxing told BOSS in a straight answer to a Boss:
"Looking for a company, you can develop in the long term, take the technical line, three years to be a senior engineer.""
This is his career plan for the future, but the plan ended more than half a month ago.
In July 15th, Li Wenyue accidentally received a mother's phone, "your brother in Tianjin accident, you go to the police station to see it."." Li Wenyue was unbelievable when she heard the voice of her mother crying on the phone. After hanging up the phone, she kept saying to herself, "it must not be my brother. They must have made a mistake."."boy massage
Job boy Li Wenxing's death found the pool of Li Wenxing's body
It is understood, just a day ago, someone in Tianjin, Jinghai District, G104 National Road next to a puddle found in a juvenile body. Because of long immersion in the water, juvenile appearance, shape has been unable to identify, but the identity card in the relics show that his name is Li Wenxing, from Shandong, Dezhou. Subsequently, the Tianjin police through Shandong, Dezhou police contacted Li Wenxing's family, and told him to go to Tianjin to identify the corpse.
I asked the police officer over and over again, "why did my brother's ID card appear on that man?"" Li Wenyue recalled, when she simply can not believe that the deceased is his brother, has always thought that his brother's ID card was lost. because,gay sex massage