Good aerobics slimming effect

Hop aerobics to make every cell activity are the people up, so is the quest for thinness crowd a good choice.
1, skillfully control the dance aerobics time
Not jump the longer the better. Especially just beginning to enter the dance aerobics friends, you should be based on their actual physical condition to select the appropriate time. Usually the best time to hop aerobics in the afternoon. In this hot day, in the afternoon sun receded after midnight, personal spiritual vitality start up, dance aerobics easy reach of most slimming spa
2, choose their own way to lose weight aerobics
Some Aerobic exercise is very large, which is more suitable for people with long-term exercise, for different pursuits, dance aerobics kind of choice should also be different. For example, it took part in yoga hot yoga and general yoga. Under normal circumstances, depending on the purpose, divided Aerobics and competitive aerobics; there are points woman and men aerobics aerobics; based on practice mode, which can hold unarmed aerobics and light equipment aerobics or specialized equipment, the purpose of these exercises aerobics choice should be according to their epilepsy can cure you of each situation; for example, aerobics ball; based on the local training of aerobics as well as into the neck, abdomen aerobics, aerobics and other leg to choose.
3, easy to wear comfortable clothes
Wear light, pay attention to wear protective clothing. Dance aerobics should choose a flexible sportswear, unfettered in action as well. Strong absorbent cotton clothing, sports wear when appropriate. Some people lose weight, like to wear tights plastic movement, in fact, help to lose weight is very limited. Plastic tights can make a lot of sweat during exercise, but it is easy to reduce the weight rebound. So, wearing the right clothes to dance aerobics is very important.
4, regulate breathing
Hop aerobics to make every cell of the whole person all the activities together, correct breathing can speed up metabolism and help lose weight purposes. Therefore, we must follow the guidance of coaches, continued to breathe dance aerobics. This is a key hop aerobics.male massage
5, to prepare activities
Full preparations to make joints, ligaments, muscle temperature, increase physical flexibility, increase the level of excitement of the nervous system and cardiovascular activity level, so as to prevent the occurrence of sports injuries.
6, replenish moisture
During exercise should pay attention to replenish moisture to ensure good health and normal body needs. The best method is to add water to drink small amounts at any time to maintain balance in the body of water.
7, two hours after eating exercise
Usually after eating two hours before the interval Aerobics exercise. Because the stomach after eating filling food, games immediately affect digestion, prone to abdominal pain, nausea and other symptoms. And should eat before exercise, easy to digest food after exercise should rest for 30 minutes before eating.
8, do not fasting exercise
If long-term fasting exercise will lead to a sharp decline in body weight, organ dysfunction, resulting in disease, affecting their health. Hop aerobics to lose weight, we must keep in mind the above considerations 8, master basic common sense weight loss, can be more effective weight loss!gay escort