Those rumors you know a few snoring

1, because snoring is sleeping soundly?
Snoring is not sleeping soundly, and sound sleep! Snoring known as sleep apnea syndrome, because people in the process of sleep will not only purr, accompanied by more severe apnea phenomenon. When loudness is increased in patients after sleeping more than 60 db above that is snoring; nose and mouth airflow stops ≥10s that is judged to be a sleep apnea; sleep one hour were more than five times of sleep apnea, or sleep seven hours sleep apnea occurs about 30 times pause, you can determine the sleep apnea sauna
2, snoring is a normal physiological phenomenon?
Snoring means that some airway stenosis or obstruction. Snoring is due to sleep-related breathing and muscle relaxation, especially after causing the tongue to the back of the tongue muscles relax slightly sagging, resulting in airway obstruction, caused by vibration of the soft palate and uvula air through the oropharynx, which issued snoring .gay sex massage
Snoring is a fat middle-aged male exclusive standard?
3, snoring is a fat middle-aged male exclusive standard?
For the "Snoring is a fat middle-aged male exclusive standard" that there is a certain bias. Snoring can be occur at any age, men and women, young and old. But compared with normal-weight people, obese people are more likely to snore. This is because the obese patients with neck soft tissue (fat) volume increases, causing the airways to narrow the airway during sleep are also more likely to be blocked. Sometimes, the newborn baby will be snoring occurs. Of course, if a small child or baby snoring symptoms appear, mothers must be more careful, because snoring may lead to slow growth and mental development of children behind.male massage
Snoring is a fat middle-aged male exclusive standard?
Sleep Medicine study found that where the body fat, short and thick neck, rather long soft palate, uvula ptosis, tongue hypertrophy ...... (please respective control) people tend to snore. Simply put, pharynx transverse diameter and anteroposterior diameter smaller people, more prone to snoring symptoms. When people overwork, or after drinking, jaw more relaxed, there will be snoring.
4, snoring hazards just hypoxia?
Snoring is a fat middle-aged male exclusive standard?gay sauna
Snoring first performance of hypoxia. If seven hours of sleep per night, sleep apnea syndrome, about 300-400 people per night in a second anaerobic respiration state (although thoracoabdominal respiratory movements also exist, but does not really breathe air), more likely to occur cerebrovascular accident.
Easier daytime sleepiness. Because not get a good night's rest, people who snore sometimes in conversation, watching TV, car and other occasions unconsciously sleep.
Caused by severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and even sudden death. Because of hypoxia on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular large, so that snoring can cause a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and even sudden death. It is reported that more than 15 times per hour, apnea, snoring at night crowd increased mortality, untreated snoring, the mortality rate in the history of 5 years was 11% -13%, 8-year history of snoring mortality male massage videos
Reduced sexual function. Andrology expert pointed out, snoring at night because of repeated hypoxia, leaving the penis lack of adequate nutrition and oxygen, cavernous damage and affect erectile function. While maintaining blood male libido, decreased testosterone levels and erectile function of secondary sexual characteristics, resulting in a lack of sexual desire.
Affect the family and roommates. Data show that since Mr. snoring, 72.5% of the wives sleep per night less 1-2h, or 30.6 percent of wife awakened from snoring, and 9.7% due to the wife of her husband's snoring caused by neurasthenia, and because snoring causes dormitory discord examples escort