"Soup" in a new house without a day's stay

No wind, no rain, no water burst, but Ms. Cui, who lives on the second floor of Gaoyang Jiayuan in Gaojie Town, Baoshan District, has "flooded the Jinshan Mountain". At that time, she had just spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on decoration, and suffered heavy losses after soaking. When the reporter investigates, the property side said that the place has repeatedly "soaked up", suggesting that Ms. Cui Sue more than 20 residents upstairs. Lawyers argue that claims are difficult. gay massage
At noon on July 17, it was sunny, but when the reporter arrived at Gaoyang Jiayuan, the corridor and corridor downstairs of Ms. Cui were all waterlogged. The low-lying corner of the first floor corridor has become a "pond". The careless passers-by often shout "wow-wow". On the first floor of the residential home, the ground is wet. In the kitchen cabinet, water droplets are still ticking.
The water on the first floor comes from the second floor. Upstairs, the situation is more surprising than the first floor, the corridor is particularly slippery. Residents'homes, restaurants, kitchens, bedrooms and other floors, are soaked in water, newly bought wooden cabinets, which have not yet had time to put things, the bottom of the cabinet has been under the water. Residents'families scoop up water with one dustpan and one dustpan, but the water surface descends slowly.male massage
"How could this be so? I knew I would not buy this house!" The owner, Ms. Cui, said with tears in her eyes that it cost about 6 million yuan to buy the apartment and hundreds of thousands of yuan to decorate it painstakingly. The cleaning work was finished on July 15. "We were going to stay after a while of decoration. Unexpectedly, the old man in the family almost fainted after not staying for a day."
What is more surprising to Ms. Cui is that the water did not come from the burst of the water pipe, but from the kitchen sewer back overflow!
Originally, the kitchen sewer of Ms. Cui's apartment is used on the first floor alone, and the second floor is shared with more than 20 households above. Because the sewer was blocked, the kitchen sewage from the upstairs residents spilled back from her kitchen.
After the accident, the Henggao Home Management Office of Shanghai Gaojie Property Management Co., Ltd. immediately sent people to dredge the sewer drainage, but the losses faced by Ms. Cui have been difficult to recover.gay spa
Who is responsible for the blockage of sewers?
Because the kitchen anti-spill sewer system is blocked, Ms. Cui hopes the property company will give a statement. Zhu Delong, director of the Henggao Home Management Department of Shanghai Gaojie Property Management Co., Ltd., said that the sewer would be dredged every half month to one month, and the responsibility of dredging had been fulfilled. When Ms. Cui wanted her to provide sewer dredging records, Zhu Delong responded that the records were stored in a computer, and the corresponding staff members took vacations, which were temporarily invisible. Using parabola as an analogy, he advised Ms. Cui to sue all the owners upstairs.
Zhu Delong also revealed that the second-hand house bought by Ms. Cui had suffered two "floods". One is the burst of the toilet pipe, the other is the backflow of kitchen sewage caused by the blockage of the sewer.
Industry insiders believe that property services are market acts agreed upon in the contract. Whether property companies should be responsible for sewer anti-water should first depend on their property service contract, which specifies the responsibility of dredging sewers; at the same time, it depends on whether they dredge sewers according to the contract.gay club
Zhao Xinghai, senior partner of Beijing Yingke (Shanghai) Law Firm, believes that if the property company fails to dredge the sewer in time according to the agreement of the property service contract and fails to fulfill the relevant obligations, it should bear the responsibility for breach of contract and compensate the owner for the loss; if it can be found that the sewer blockage is used by an upstairs owner, it should not be used by the owner. As a result, the owner should bear the responsibility, but it is difficult to verify.
Lawyer Zhao Xinghai warned that similar anti-spillover phenomena can not be prevented, property companies should strengthen pipeline dredging, if necessary, use maintenance funds to repair or replace public sewer pipelines.