"Graduation Pack Distribution" Becomes "Fruit Selling"

Anhui Bengbu Vocational College of Economics and Technology students in the Department of Tourism under the guidance of the school, when entering the school, spend 16,000 yuan and Beijing Chengcheng Boyun Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the departure company) signed an employment agreement, the company will be responsible for students'"professional course teaching", as well as internship, employment issues.gay massage
Relevant staff of Bengbu Vocational College of Economics and Technology responded to the Peng Mei News on July 8 that Zhou Chuanjun, assistant dean, was actively contacting students, collecting contracts and payment bills, and preparing to sue the departure company.
The staff of the departure company responded to the surging news on the same day, saying that the company "arranged internship positions for students in accordance with the contract provisions", which was "recognized" by schools and students, and denied the existence of violations of the contract.
Personnel from the Private Education Department of the Education Department of Anhui Province told Peng Mei News that special personnel had been sent to the school to learn about the situation and urge the school to deal with it. The school may have the mismanagement of student internship matters and suspected violation of fees. Next, the Education Department of Anhui Province will require schools to consult with third-party companies on the situation of students as soon as possible and in accordance with the law, so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students.male massage
According to the agreement, the "orientation of internship and employment" provided by the departure company for the contracted students includes Beijing, Harbin, Wuhan, Shandong, Shanghai and other places; "employment position" includes high-speed railway attendants, high-speed train dining car waiters and VIP VIP receptionists of Beijing South Railway Station; "strengthening skills and employment resettlement fees" totals 16,000 yuan. In the first and second school years, each 5,000 yuan, the last 6,000 yuan, together with school tuition, free of accommodation during internship.
The agreement stipulates that the departure company shall be responsible for the contracted students'professional teaching in the first and second academic years, the internship and practical training in the third academic year, and the teaching and management during the period; and the vocational guidance and employment arrangement before the contracted students' employment. After signing the agreement, the departure company promises to ensure that the students "have a post" in the above-mentioned jobs. "As for which specific post, the students compete for it, but the students are not allowed to designate their own post or work in the railway bureau."
In addition, the departure company promised in the agreement that it would provide free accommodation for students during their internship before graduation. The agreement is valid from September 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019, and stipulates that before the expiration of the agreement, "If Party A fails to arrange Party B in the work area and position specified in the agreement, all the expenses will be refunded".gay spa
Feiyu told Peng Mei News that in May this year, he and some of his classmates were taken to a commercial and trade company in Shenyang, which operates all kinds of sales and catering cleaning services. On the first day of arrival, they were asked to collect a deposit of 5,000 yuan. The other side did not give a reasonable explanation. Many students refused to pay the fee, so they were expelled by the internship unit and returned to the school to wait for the second arrangement, but the follow-up arrangement of the internship still needs to pay the fee. The free transportation and accommodation promised in the agreement have not been fulfilled.
Schools: Prepare to sue cooperating units
Hu Yong, director of Tourism Department of Bengbu Vocational College of Economics and Technology, told Peng Mei News that the school had already started to deal with the matter. "On behalf of the school, as well as myself, we are actively working for students in the next step. We are actively reassuring students and have made some promises for them." Hu Yong said that the school will safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students, as well as the rights and interests of the school.
Anhui Provincial Department of Education: Insufficient school management or charges suspected of irregularities
Peng Mei News noted that Article 15 and Article 6 of the Regulations on the Management of Students'Practice in Vocational Schools promulgated by the Ministry of Education stipulates that vocational schools and practice units shall safeguard the basic rights of interns according to law and shall not arrange and manage students' practice work through intermediaries or paid agency organizations.gay club
Article 2 of the Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Students'Practice in Vocational Schools issued by the Department of Vocational Education and Adult Education of the Ministry of Education on March 5, 2019 stipulates that schools shall strictly prohibit the transfer of interests between students' practice units and practice units and labor intermediaries, and collect labor service fees and intermediary fees.
After the microblogger burst out, the matter aroused heated public opinion. At present, Anhui Provincial Education Department has intervened in the investigation.
A staff member of the Private Education Department of the Education Department of Anhui Province told Peng Mei News on July 8 that when the public opinion was found online at the beginning of the month, the Provincial Education Department attached great importance to it and immediately asked the school to consult and handle the situation according to law and regulations, and then sent a special person to the school to know the situation and urge the school to deal with it.
According to an investigation by the Education Department of Anhui Province, the school is still in consultation with third-party companies up to now. In the process of investigation, the Department of Education also found that there may be some mismanagement and suspected fee violations in the management of student internship. Next, the Anhui Provincial Education Department will require schools to deal with the situation of students and third-party companies as soon as possible in accordance with the law, so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students.