Heartbreaking Car Rental Company

Xinmin Evening News (reporter Yuan Wei correspondent Ma Chao) after 00, young Wu Hong just got his driver's license and rented a shared car to train his hands. Young and vigorous Xiao Wu started his "flying car" when he hit the steering wheel. He frequently overspeed and ran red lights. He broke the law 21 times in just 8 days, and should deduct 125 points. Recently, the car rental company sued Xiao Wu to Xuhui court, asking Xiao Wu to bear the cost of car rental because of violation of regulations.gay massage
Xiao Wu came to Shanghai to work as a migrant worker. He had just reached the age of 18 and got his driver's license. Since there is no car under his name, he learns to rent a shared car with itchy hands. From 23:50 on February 1 to 19:03 on February 9 this year, within less than 8 days, Xiaowu left Shanghai in violation of the contract. In Suzhou, Yancheng, Huaian and other places, 21 times of violations were caused by speeding, violation of signal lights, failure to drive in the guiding lane, and irregularities of turning around. A total of 4100 yuan was fined and 125 points were deducted. After the leasing company found out, it called Xiaowu many times, sent short messages, sent notices and so on, and asked him to deal with the vehicle violations as soon as possible. But as of the day of the trial, Xiao Wu did not deal with it.male massage
So the leasing company took Xiao Wu to court. The leasing company believes that due to a large number of vehicle violations, the car involved can not continue driving on the road at present, resulting in the loss of the company's shutdown. According to the agreement signed by both parties before service, if the defendant causes the plaintiff's vehicle to violate the rules and regulations and is unable to operate, he shall pay a liquidated damages of 200 yuan per day in addition to the outage loss, and shall pay a liquidated damages of 200 yuan per day according to the standard of 200 yuan per day until all traffic violations during the lease period have been dealt with and eliminated. Faced with huge claims, Xiao Wu said that he was unable to solve the problem of vehicle violations immediately and hoped that it would be lenient for four months. At the same time, he also thinks that the rental company's requirement of 200 yuan per day is too high.gay sex massage
After trial, the court held that it was reasonable for the plaintiff to calculate the outage loss according to the standard of 200 yuan/day per day according to the user service agreement and the operating income of the vehicles involved. With regard to the starting date of outage loss, according to the clause that the plaintiff inquires whether the vehicle is in violation of regulations 10 days after the return of the vehicle in accordance with the user service agreement, the starting date of outage loss should start on February 20. Although the penalty for breach of contract is clearly stipulated in the customer service agreement, the defendant is required to pay the penalty for breach of contract according to the standard of loss after assuming the loss of outage. In the case of excessive standard, the court adjusts the penalty to 60 yuan per day according to law. Finally, the court decided Xiaowu to pay the leasing company according to the above criteria until the day when the vehicle involved had been dealt with illegally.