Shanghai Stock Index Falling Institutions

At present, the market has entered the 3000-point area again, and the market chooses to be shocked again, waiting for the stimulation of good news. From the current point of view, the market has consolidated at 3000 points for nearly half a month. Referring to the first half of this year's market, the index will open a new space for growth, or it will need a period of shocks. gay massage
It should be noted that, from the current market environment, the probability of further increase after the consolidation is higher, but the current market worries may mainly come from two aspects: on the one hand, the external environment is still uncertain; on the other hand, whether there will be a diversion effect after the start of the Cosco board.
The first financial commentary pointed out that a series of illegal acts of listed companies such as Kangde Xin made investors see the ugly side of the A-share market. Regulators should stop bleeding in time so as not to let investors'trust crisis spread to the whole A-share market. male massage
The time for the first batch of KESCO stock to be listed has been finalized
According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the listing ceremony of the first batch of companies will be held on July 22. At present, 25 companies registered and effective are the first batch of listed companies.
Guangfa Securities believes that under the "learning effect" of GEM, the mapping window of GEM is ahead of schedule, and July is the key time point of layout, which is expected to be sustainable in the short term. The mapping of A-share in KIB deserves to be paid more attention during the opening window period of KIB. The purpose of deconstructing the mapping of science-based GEM is: 1) Re-opening GEM experience, reflecting on the possible impact of the opening of science-based GEM on A-share style, industry and comparable company; 2) Observing the "seedlings" of the current comparable mapping of science-based GEM, and summarizing the trend-optimal mapping alpha stock selection strategy. gay spa
Will it bring diversion effect? Guangfa Securities pointed out that compared with GEM, the diversion effect of GEM is limited, and under the restriction of investors'threshold, the attention of high quality can be higher than that of corporate capital.
Tianfeng Securities said that the liquidity environment of the GEM was similar to that of the GEM, which was obviously better than the liquidity of the Licorne listing in 2018.
The "blood-drawing effect" of GEM on the market is smaller than that of GEM, which mainly lies in:
1. The payment system for new share purchase is different. When GEM was launched in 2009, the pre-payment system was adopted for new share purchase. Since 2016, the pre-payment system has been abolished for new A-share issuance, and the market value method has been adopted for purchase. Only after investors sign up for purchase, they need to pay. gay club
2. There are different lock-in periods for new shares offline placement. When GEM was launched in 2009, there was a three-month lock-in period for offline share placement, which was cancelled in April 2012.
Ping An Securities said that at present, the capital market still has a relatively prudent attitude toward the listing, pricing and trading of KIB. In the short and medium term, the impact of CSIB on capital market is mainly on valuation demonstration effect. Considering the limited market value of listed companies on CSIB, the impact of capital diversion is relatively limited. In the medium and long term, the smooth start of GEM is an important pioneer of capital market reform. The reform of GEM and corporate governance will also be accelerated in the year.
Institutions Look at the Future Market
Caitong Securities pointed out that the recovery of market pessimism has come to an end. With the market rebound approaching April highs, divergences among investors continue to widen. Future market trends also need to be fundamentally supported. Short-term markets should remain volatile. Investors need to be patient and wait for macroeconomic data in June and guidance from the Federal Reserve on interest rate cuts in July. Recommended Concerns: 1) Leading growth stocks in various sub-sectors, including high-end equipment manufacturing and biomedicine. (2) Automobiles and household appliances that have opportunities to stimulate consumption. (3) better defensive banks and insurance. (4) The theme concerns the reform of state-owned enterprises and gold.
Everbright Securities said last week's market rebound was not sustained. On the one hand, it has entered a pre-trading intensive area. On the other hand, some investors are still worried about repeated frictions between China and the United States, but overall market risk preference has been significantly boosted. Recently, the number of IPO registrations of Kechuang Stock Exchange has been raised for the purpose of centralized listing on July 22, which is not expected to affect the medium and long-term market capital.
The logic of market rebound hasn't changed fundamentally. Structural inflationary pressure, macro liquidity and risk premium are all conducive to SMEs'continued dominance. The announcement of mid-July forecast is expected to have limited impact on market style, but some blue-chip white horses with high valuation need to pay attention to the risk of callback whose performance can not be verified. 。gay sauna
In terms of industry allocation, there may be game opportunities in the cycle, and it is still suggested that the overall low allocation should be taken into account; consumers should not continue to allocate more food and beverage, and recommend more cars with high performance and price; growth and benefit risk preference should be improved, risk premium should be downgraded, and Cosco board will open market soon, focusing on the 5G industry chain, computers and electronics; and financial customs should be paid more attention to. Note that small and medium-sized banks with stable profit growth, more value withdrawals and greater flexibility temporarily avoid real estate.
Guosheng Securities believes that the index market needs further signals of relaxation of domestic policies, especially liquidity, and it still needs to wait. After the risk of external trade frictions and RMB exchange rate has been postponed, the main contradiction returns to the interior. On the premise that it is difficult to see the upward inflection point at the molecular end for some time to come, exponential opportunities can only be improved by the denominator. But at present, on the one hand, trade frictional shocks have been slowed down; on the other hand, economic data may still be resilient in the short term under the accelerated issuance of fiscal augmentation of local debt. Therefore, although the general trend of monetary easing remains unchanged in the second half of the year, it still needs to wait in the short term. It is suggested that attention be paid to the statements and signals of the Political Bureau meeting in July.