Private Gate Charging on Highway

A villager in Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, reported to Knews that Shuguang Village set up a sluice on Fengxiang Branch Road to charge parking fees for vehicles entering the village. Setting up card fees on public roads makes villagers wonder. gay massage
Look at the news Knews reporter came to Nanxiang Town and found that the gate was located near the junction of Changxiang Road, Fengxiang Branch Road. There is only a stele beside the road, which says Zhangjiatang Villagers Group of Shuguang Village. At the side of the gate is a guard box in which two elderly people charge parking fees for passing vehicles. Looking around, the Knews reporter did not see the toll tag issued by the Transport Commission. Instead, he posted a notice stating the monthly parking fee for all types of trucks, including 200 yuan for cars and 5 yuan for temporary parking per hour. gay spa
The villagers nearby said, "There should be no toll on the highway, the car toll should be in the village, the factory should be charged, and the invoices are not regular."
The old man in charge of the charge told Knews that the checkpoint was set up in the village. The villagers'vehicles were not charged, but only for foreign vehicles. Moreover, the village contracted out fees to a company. Look at the news Knews reporter found that the parking invoices on the official seal of the company is actually different. The old man confessed that the invoice was collected by the boss.
The fee collector said, "Our boss collected a little invoice from others; if you don't receive it, you will receive 5 yuan for 5 yuan and 10 yuan for 10 yuan for a long time." male massage
Looking at the news, Knews reporters went into the village and observed that there were still many factories in the village, while many vehicles were parked in the open space. In response, the Shuguang Village Committee said that after demolishing illegal buildings in the village, some enterprises were dismissed. In order not to reduce villagers'income, but also to facilitate management, the decision of parking fees was made.
Nanxiang Town Planning and Construction Office said that Fengxiang Branch, where the toll station is located, is not a municipal road, but a village road. As for the charges suspected of violating regulations, the head of Shuguang Village Committee said that they would rectify them as soon as possible.
We hope relevant departments will intervene in the investigation and deal with it seriously.