Hidden danger of occupied sidewalks

Recently, some viewers reported to the news Knews that a section of the sidewalk on Zhoudong Road was blocked by construction guardrail boards due to construction by construction units on the side, which brought many inconveniences to pedestrians nearby.gay massage
Look at the news Knews reporter at the scene to see that this section of the sidewalk is located on the west side of Zhoudong Road near Zhujiagang Road. Due to the construction of construction units on the side, the construction guardrail not only blocked half of the pedestrian roads, but also occupied and damaged the blind road. It is understood that this section of the sidewalk is about 100 meters wide, originally 2 meters wide, and now the guardrail occupies about 1.2 meters. With the sidewalk trees on the side, it is very inconvenient for pedestrians to pass each time. Some pedestrians go directly to non-motorized lanes, and it is very unsafe to mix pedestrians and vehicles. Pedestrians say that there are many electric cars in this lane and the pedestrian road is very narrow. If this road is occupied, it is a bit dangerous, the construction party should pay attention to it. gay spa
Look at the news Knews reporters found that the steel pipe supporting the guardrail board is exposed on the sidewalk, and there are small rubble left over from the construction, slightly inattentive, it is easy to trip.
Looking at the news Knews reporter contacted the relevant construction units, the other side explained that there is a municipal overhead cable line on the east side of the project they developed that needs to enter the ground. According to the construction plan of the power pipeline entering the ground, the construction party is required to cooperate with the demolition of the construction wall and temporary enclosure. They have applied to the relevant departments and are still in the process of examination and approval, but due to the construction time. Tighter, they built a fence first. In this regard, they will immediately rectify. male massage
Wang Lei, the project manager of the relocation and resettlement house for block 03-09 of Unit 08 in Zhoupu Town, said, (fence) should be collected about 40 centimeters, so that the width of pedestrian passage can be guaranteed, and then the debris left on the ground can be cleaned up, and then the steel pipe stumbling stumbling or something stretched out can be collected as far as possible to ensure the normal passage of a pedestrian at least.