Claiming to Know Leaders and Deceive Parents

Parents want their children to get better educational resources, but this mentality has been exploited by some lawless elements. On December 18 last year, Sun Mou was detained by the police for falsely claiming that he could help children enter school and cheat parents' massage
Suspect Sun Mou, 36 years old, with a university education, met the victim Bao Mou and his wife in March last year, claiming to be able to help their children attend a well-known primary school in Minhang District, and preparing to charge Bao Mou and his wife 300,000 yuan for the fees, falsely claiming to be used for labor and school sponsorship fees. Sun boasts that he knows the leaders of relevant schools and that he can solve the problem of children's enrollment.
Suspect Sun Mou said: "The first time is to help them find a relationship, should be able to do, the amount is about 300,000, more refunds less compensation."male massage
Baomou couple then placed their children's entrance to school on Sun Mou. They remitted 100,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan to Sun Mou in March and May respectively. However, Sun Mou was not sure about it. They just tried to find relationships with Sun Mou in the mindset of earning commission, and tried to see if they were lucky enough to do it. Suspect Sun Mou said that his purpose is to earn some commission, price difference and so on. I didn't think so much at that time. I could not refund my money if I wanted to, nor did I think it would violate the law.
Sun Mou contacted two groups of people in April and May, but they failed to get children into school because of high price, distrust and incomplete information. But in order to stabilize the victim, Sun Mou falsely claimed that the matter had been done and asked the victim to wait for the admission notice.
Seeing that August is coming, there is no movement. Baomou and his wife feel that their children are hopeless to go to school, so they find Sun Mou and ask for a refund. Sun Mou only returned 100,000 yuan, saying that the remaining 150,000 will be retained first. In the future, they may be able to transfer or borrow for their sauna
By October, Baomou and his wife could not wait any longer, urging Sun to return the remaining 150,000 yuan to them many times, but Sun found various reasons to refuse, saying that he wanted to try again, but they just dragged on and did not return it. By December, Baomou and his wife decided to call the police.
The procurator of Qingpu District People's Procuratorate said that Sun Mou himself did not have the ability to help the victims, but exaggerated his relationship, methods, deceiving the victims of property, has violated the relevant club
The prosecutor said that in this case, the suspect Sun Mou fabricated and fabricated the fact that the leaders of the Bureau of Education could go along with each other, including children joining the Union and bilingual schools. From beginning to end, he was fabricating and exaggerating his abilities, thus cheating the victim of more than 200,000 yuan. Its actions have violated Article 266 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China and should be investigated for criminal responsibility for fraud. According to the criminal law of our country, if the amount of fraud exceeds 50,000, it shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years, not more than ten years and a spa
In fact, the suspect can succeed, that is, using the parents'desire for their children to become Jackie Chan. The prosecutor reminds parents to wipe their eyes, distinguish between the true and the false, and help their children to attend school through regular channels, so as to avoid economic losses.
The suspect took advantage of the urgency of parents to hope for Jackie Chan, declared that he could help the victims'children to enter the primary school smoothly, and seized the victims' desire for Jackie Chan, thus cheating them of their money. As far as we know, any prestigious and well-known elementary school is very strict and formal in terms of the process of enrollment and the examination of students'background. Parents are requested to refrain from these vicious ways." At present, the case is being further dealt with.