The taxi stole "cheaters"

Take a taxi, clearly the same route, driving time is roughly the same, but the cost is much different. Have you ever encountered this situation? Recently, Wuxi Municipal Market Supervision and Administration found an illegal act of installing measuring cheating device in a taxi. The driver installed a pulse cheating device in the taxi. The driver hid the device in his bag with a remote controller. When the passengers did not pay attention to click, the number on the meter jumped more and took advantage of the opportunity to collect more money.
Not long ago, the metrological verification personnel of Wuxi Metrology and Testing Institute found that a taxi meter was equipped with a cheating device during the daily verification of taximeter. After receiving this illegal clue, the market supervision and Administration Bureau seized Shen Mou, a driver, who installed and used metering cheating devices in Su B0T390 taxi. Law enforcement officers dismantled and collected evidence of metering cheating devices, and filed a case for investigation of illegal massage
How does this cheating device work? After cracking and verifying the cheating function of taxi, the inspection detachment of the market supervision bureau, the metrology and Testing Institute of the United City and the manufacturers of the meter, found that the taxi installed a pulse generator between the wheel sensor and the pricing display. The pulse generator can generate 390 kilometers of signals per hour under the control of the remote controller. That is to say, according to the remote control, the meter can record 390 kilometers more per hour. When the speed is 40 kilometers per hour, it can record 9.77 times the excess mileage by pressing the remote control.
According to Shen Mou, the taxi driver, while waiting for passengers near Wuxi East Railway Station, he accepted the peddling of an unidentified man, installed the pulse cheating device on the taxi and equipped with a remote control. According to Shen Mou, he "cheats only once or twice a day". However, the facts were soon verified after further verification. The Metrology Department of the market supervision bureau and the inspection detachment of the Joint Municipal Transportation Management Department collected the vehicle's transportation operation data and GPS data, and organized experts and technicians to analyze and compare the operation situation and data before the case. After verification, the taxi cheated more than 9 times a day on average one month before the incident, and charged 10.3 yuan to passengers for each business. There were 273 cases of cheating in 504 on-board passenger operations with the amount exceeding 20 yuan before the incident, and the probability of cheating was 54.2%. Data analysis of 273 fraudulent business shows that the total mileage of the meter is 3912 kilometers, the actual total mileage is 2830 kilometers, and the additional mileage is 1082 kilometers. The total amount collected is 11423 yuan, the amount receivable is 8604 yuan, and the additional amount collected is 2819 yuan. The market supervision department imposed administrative penalties on the taxi operation company according to law, confiscated the cheating devices, confiscated the illegal income of 2819 yuan, and imposed a fine of up to 2000 yuan.male massage
It is reported that this case is the first time in recent years that law enforcement departments have found cheating in Taximeter measurement. The market supervision department reminds consumers that before and after taking a taxi, they can use the electronic map to inquire about the distance between the distance and the distance shown by the taximeter. If the distance is too large, they should find out the reasons and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Consumers can call 12315 and 12365 if they find that they have been subjected to measurement fraud and report it to the market supervision department in time.