The man used the red light as the green light and crashed into the taxi

At about 23:43 p.m. on March 5, some netizens reported that a collision between two cars occurred at the middle intersection of Tacheng Road. The two cars collided fiercely at the intersection. One car even ran into the green belt. The reporter learned from the police that the driver was drunk and could not see the red light at all.
Monitoring screen shows that the white car in the accident ran straight across the intersection without slowing down when it passed the accident intersection and hit a taxi. The white car then continued to drive forward and finally hit an S shape and rushed into the green belt at one end before massage
The reporter then found the driver of the white car in the police station, and sure enough, Liu Mou, the driver who had been lying down all night, woke up. He came from Anhui and worked in Shanghai for many years.
He said: Before the accident, he had a drink and dinner with several friends. Liu Mou said that he only drank a few or two liquors, but he was lucky enough to decide to drive home by himself. Moreover, the car that caused the accident was not his own, but a friend's car. Before the accident, a friend at the dinner table had warned him not to drive back drunk.male massage
Drunk driver Liu Mou: "At that time, the few of us happened to eat here, and then I went there. Do you know you can't drive while drinking? That's true. Do you know why you drink and drive? Because I'm in a bad mood. Why are you in a bad mood? Because there's something at home. Did you want to go and find a driver? I didn't think so much at that time. How do we recognize this problem now? Regret, true regret. What friends do you drink with? Friends on the construction site. Didn't they remind you? A reminder was given. But you decided to prepare for it yourself? How much wine did you drink? Have a glass of white wine. How many or two? About two or two."
Liu Mou said that he had never drunk alcohol and knew the reason why he didn't drive when he was drunk, but he began to let himself go when he was spa
"I never used to drink and never drive. I drank. Either my friends sent it back to me or I took a taxi myself. How many roads are you going to drive after you finished drinking yesterday? It means getting ready to go home. How far is it from the drinking place? How many kilometers? Not far away, it means that my place to eat, directly from the traffic lights across the right turn five traffic lights. That's it? Just eat out of the hotel, go ahead and turn right five traffic lights, just left the hotel. Just five traffic lights. Why did you bump into someone else at that time? I didn't know, I didn't know. Drunk, right? Anyway, the brain is clear, but it can't be controlled.
Jiading Traffic Police Officer Cao said: The accident happened at about 23:43 p.m. on March 5, 2019. At that time, suspect Liu Mou drove a white minibus along the city route from south to north. When driving to the intersection of Tacheng Road in the middle of the city, he collided with another taxi which normally traveled from east to west.
"Because Liu Mou drank wine, maybe there were some errors in the identification of signal lights when he was at the intersection. At that time, the city route was red light from south to north, and he needed to stop waiting for the green light to pass. But at that time, he still passed the intersection from south to north along the city route at normal speed without any braking measures, so it happened with the taxi that ran normally from east to west. Collision, and then because of their own vehicle out of control, after the collision out of control, hit the north side of the Tacheng intersection in the city 10 meters green club
Liu suddenly awakened, but it was too late. Liu was detained for drunk driving according to law.
Drunk driver Liu Mou: "Don't drink and drive in the future, I also realize that the severity is very large, if the car hit someone, it's not good for other people's families, in the future I hope you can try to drive as little as possible."
Cao police officer of Jiading traffic police detachment: "Liu Mou's blood alcohol content test has reached 191 mg per 100 ml, which has exceeded the standard of drunk driving. It belongs to drunk driving motor vehicle. Because his behavior has occurred again, it belongs to dangerous driving behavior, he will bear criminal responsibility. At the same time, we remind drivers that they can not drive after drinking. Car, always remind yourself, do not drive after drinking, do not drink when driving."
It is reported that the police have been in a high-pressure situation for drunk driving. Here, drivers are reminded not to harm themselves by drunk driving. Traffic police departments have intensified their efforts to rectify the illegal drunk driving in daily traffic management, and at the same time, they have strengthened their propaganda through various channels in the field of sauna
"But there may still be some drivers who are lucky enough to think that if they drink a little alcohol, they will go to drive after drinking. Here again, remind the drivers to remember the principle of not driving after drinking."