The woman locked the door and bathed in a sudden intrusion by a strange man

It was Ms. Zhang who suffered. She told reporters that when she opened a 4-hour room at the Greenhouse Hotel around 1:30 p.m. on January 26 this year, she told the front desk that it was for bathing and asked the hotel to ensure that the water and air-conditioning in the room were all right. But when the lock door was half washed, a man came in. gay massage
"The man did not knock at the door. He opened the door with his room card and came in." Ms. Zhang said that she shook her legs and shouted "Help", and the man left the room; afterwards, she had nightmares for several nights.
Compensation is temporarily fruitless
"If I hadn't shouted'Help', the consequences would have been unthinkable." Ms. Zhang believed that there were serious problems in Hotel management, which seriously infringed on the personal safety and privacy of guests, and then claimed compensation for mental loss fees totalling 5,000 yuan. gay spa
However, when negotiating, the hotel side "understated" that the engineers had misread the room number when they were repairing the electrical appliances, and only wanted to compensate 500 yuan. "With a glimmer of hope, I also complained to the hotel group headquarters, the other side did not apologize, only promised to give me points compensation, it is really disappointing and chilling."
When the reporter went to the hotel on the spot, the person in charge of the scene, Mr. Wang, said that a man from the engineering department entered the corresponding room without malicious intent and "came out without seeing anything". For Ms. Zhang's 5,000 yuan compensation, he thought it was too high.
Lawyer: Passenger compensation is justified by law
Zhao Xinghai, senior partner of Beijing Yingke (Shanghai) Law Firm, argues that Ms. Zhang's claim for compensation is justified by law. male massage
First of all, after the hotel check-in, the two parties have reached a service contract relationship. Hotels should fulfill their contractual obligations to customers, such as ensuring the normal use of water and electricity in rooms, ensuring the room's occupancy status, and providing customers with a good and safe living environment. However, the hotel fails to fulfill the corresponding management responsibilities after the customer checks in. As a result, the hotel staff enter the room without permission and fail to provide a safe living environment for the customer. In fact, it is a breach of contract.
Secondly, hotel rooms belong to the private field. Hotel employees break into their rooms without the permission of customers, causing customers to be frightened. This behavior has been a serious violation of customer privacy. As a hotel operator, Greenhouse is negligent in its management duties, fails to fulfill its protection obligations and has faults. It should bear the corresponding tort liability and compensate for the spiritual damage caused by its customers. "Especially when a female customer is in the bath, she is intruded by an unknown opposite sex, and the shock and trauma she suffers can be imagined." gay club
Reminder: Don't forget "No Disturbance" and Anti-theft Chain
Reporters learned that hotel engineering staff, cleaning staff and other relevant service personnel generally have room cards that can open the rooms within the corresponding service scope. In order to ensure the rights and interests of customers, many hotels have strict management system: without the consent of guests, they are not allowed to enter the room; before entering the room, they must first knock on the door to ask.
However, it is not only Ms. Zhang who has experienced similar situations in Greenhouse. For example, in a five-star hotel outside the city, a female passenger finds the door open after taking a bath.
In order to prevent similar situations, the concerned parties remind consumers that when they check in, they can hang the "No Disturbance" sign outside the door or open the "No Disturbance" doorbell to remind others that the room is occupied, and use the anti-theft chain to lock the door back. gay sauna