The bank card balance was stolen late at night

The bank card is still in hand, but found that the deposits inside have been withdrawn in full. Recently, Mr. Wang, a citizen, has encountered such a mystery. Is it a cyber mafia or a loophole in the banking system? After careful investigation, the Yangpu police found out exactly what it was. gay massage
In the early morning of November 25 last year, Mr. Zhang, who just got up, looked at his mobile phone and unexpectedly found two withdrawal messages sent by a bank in the early morning. These two messages show that Mr. Zhang's two bank cards were taken out of a total of 7,200 yuan. Thinking that the balance in his bank card was 7200 yuan, and his family had not withdrawn money, Mr. Zhang was in a hurry. He immediately found his bank card at home. Unexpectedly, not only can the bank card not be found, but also the work bag for storing the card bag is missing. male massage
"Did a burglar enter the house?" Mr. Zhang speculated. "Could it be that you left it in the car last night?" The reminder of his lover reminded him of it. Originally, because he was out drinking last night, Mr. Zhang ordered a driving agent to drive his private car home. Meanwhile, he left his bag in the car. gay club
Mr. Zhang hurried downstairs to open the door and found that the work bag was in the co-driver's position. After careful checking, although the bank card is still there, you can go to the nearby bank to check that the money was really taken away. Mr. Zhang then rushed to report the case to the Yangpu police.
After receiving the report, the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Yangpu Public Security Bureau immediately mobilized the capable police force to carry out the investigation work. So why did Mr. Zhang's money disappear? In the investigation, the police found that because they found it convenient to use, Mr. Zhang usually liked to write the password of the bank card directly on the back of the card. Is that why the money was taken away?
Further visits confirmed the police's speculation. By reviewing the surrounding surveillance, the police found that in the early morning of the same day, a man had passed Mr. Zhang's car and stayed there. Thereafter, the man came to a bank ATM machine on Yanji East Road to withdraw money. After further inquiries, at about 2 a.m. that day, the man took Mr. Zhang's 7200 yuan from the ATM twice and left the sauna
The police then tracked the man and found that he finally disappeared in the Chuansha area of Pudong. After further investigation, the police confirmed that the man was Li Mou. On February 14, the police arrested the suspect Li Mou after waiting for an ambush at Huayi Road in Pudong.
After the case, Li confessed truthfully the crime of stealing other people's property. According to his account, when he passed the neighborhood that night, he found that the door of a private car parked beside him was not closed, so he began to think of "fishing for a ticket". Although there is no cash and other belongings in the car, Li Mou turned out two bank cards from his work bag in the co-driver's seat, and found that there were six digits on the back of the bank card. He guessed that this might be the password, so he wrote down the card number and password and went to the nearby ATM machine to try to withdraw money. As he expected, when the account password and other related numbers were entered, the ATM machine showed that it could withdraw money, and the balance of the card was sky massage
At present, the criminal suspect Li Mou has been detained in accordance with the law, and the case is being further tried.
The police reminded the public that the car is not a safe. When you leave the car, please don't put valuables in the car. In addition, please properly keep personal information such as bank card account number, password and so on. Don't give others a chance for convenience. ?