Regulators say they have all been sealed up

Law Enforcement Officers of Market Supervision Bureau of Jing'an District of Shanghai inspect Shanghai Guofu Longfeng Food Co., Ltd.
Law enforcers from the Market Supervision Bureau of Jing'an District of Shanghai inspected Longfeng Dumpling Headquarters, Shanghai Guofu Longfeng Food Co., Ltd. On February 20, the office of Shanghai Jing'an District Market Supervision Bureau confirmed to Xinjing Daily that its suspected batches of African CSFV nucleic acid-positive shepherd's purse pork dumplings were mainly sold to the northwest of China, and the related products had been sealed up massage
Ali, Jingdong and Suning also confirmed to the reporters of the Beijing News that the platform has now taken the related commodities off the shelves.
The recent "African swine fever" incident has attracted the attention of relevant government departments. On the evening of February 18, the State Administration of Market Supervision and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs jointly issued the announcement "Requiring pork producers to further improve the prevention and control of African classical swine fever and to further improve the prevention and control of African classical swine fever". The announcement said that a joint inspection team had been sent to investigate and verify the relevant situation, and asked pork producers to further strengthen the control of pork raw materials and implement the inspection and quarantine ticket regulations. To improve the detection and review system of African swine fever and prevent the raw materials of infected pork from entering the food processing sector. At the same time, all localities are required to fully implement the responsibility of prevention and control, standardize information reporting and publication, and severely investigate and punish enterprises that fail to fulfill the responsibility of prevention and control as spa
In response to the suspected positive detection of African swine fever virus nucleic acid**in one batch of shepherd's purse pork dumplings by Shanghai Guofu Longfeng in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, law enforcement officers of Shanghai Jing'an District Market Supervision Bureau inspected Shanghai Guofu Longfeng Food Co., Ltd. on February 19, and found that the suspected batch was 20181115. At present, it was found that the relevant products had not entered Shanghai market and had been completely sealed up nationwide.
Meng Qingjiang, manager of Shanghai Guofu Longfeng Food Co., Ltd., said at the law enforcement site that his dumplings involved in batches were commissioned by Henan Quanhui Food Co., Ltd. and the inspection reports and quality inspection reports were complete. Suspected batches of dumplings are mainly sold to the Northwest region, and the dumplings that have not yet been sold have been sealed up. At the same time, the recall measures are planned to be launched, "and other functional departments, authoritative bodies to determine a statement for subsequent processing".male massage
The Office of the Shanghai Jing'an District Market Regulatory Bureau told reporters in the Beijing News that there was no update at present. Longfeng Dumpling Mothers Co., Ltd. Sanquan Food Secretariat Office, after-sales phone calls are unanswered, the production department said that the relevant situation is not clear.
New Beijing News reporter on February 19 evening inquiries found that Longfeng food Jingdong self-operated store, Tianmao Yiguo fresh flagship store still has Longfeng shepherd's purse pork dumplings for sale, Suning supermarket can not search for this product. However, by the morning of February 20, Tianmao platform could not search for Longfeng shepherd's purse pork dumplings and Longfeng dumplings, and Longfeng shepherd's purse pork dumplings in the flagship store of Jingdong self-owned Longfeng food were off the shelves.
On February 20, Ali responded to a reporter from the Beijing News that Tianmao and Tianmao supermarkets had already communicated with the merchants and dismounted the batch of goods, and asked the merchants to conduct self-examination of other similar products.
The eastern side of Beijing responded that there was no suspected batch number of Longfeng shepherd's purse dumplings sold in the eastern part of Beijing, and now all Longfeng shepherd's purse dumplings have been taken off the shelves.
According to Xinjing Daily, the platform has arranged for quality control to conduct self-examination in the warehouse for the first time, and has not found any batches of goods as mentioned above. "In line with a responsible attitude towards consumers, Suning Easy to buy the first time related commodities off the shelf processing."gay club
The entrusted manufacturer belongs to Sanquan Subsidiary Company
According to public information, Shanghai Guofu Longfeng Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. There are three subsidiaries of Zhejiang Longfeng Food Co., Ltd., Chengdu Guofu Longfeng Food Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Guofu Longfeng Food Co., Ltd., which are mainly engaged in pre-packaged frozen food.
On May 16, 2013, Sanquan Food signed an equity transfer agreement with Hong Kong Guofu Development Co., Ltd. and Heinz (China) Investment Co., Ltd. to buy 100% equity of Shanghai Guofu Longfeng Food Co., Ltd. and its three subsidiaries at a consideration price of 200 million yuan.
Sanquan Food in February 2013 issued a letter of intent to purchase, said that the main business of each dragon and Phoenix entity is consistent with Sanquan's main business, "This acquisition is a strong combination of industries, complementary advantages, conducive to improving the company's market competitiveness." However, according to the financial report, Shanghai Guofu Longfeng lost 21.1397 million yuan in the year of acquisition, and three other Longfeng subsidiaries were also in a loss state.
In 2014, due to the integration of Longfeng supply chain and channels and other factors, the net profit of Sanquan Food Co., Ltd. fell 31.55% year on year. The net profit of Zhejiang Longfeng Food Co., Ltd. in the same period was 89.63 million yuan, but the operating profit loss was 89.78 million yuan. Its Shenzhen Branch cancelled in the same year. From 2015 to the first half of 2018, Shanghai Guofu Longfeng was profitable, and its Shenyang Branch was cancelled in 2017.
In addition to Shanghai Guofu Longfeng, Henan Quanhui Food Co., Ltd., a suspected producer of "African hog cholera" pork dumplings, is also a subsidiary company of Sanquan Foods, with a loss of 776,100 yuan in the first half of 2018. In the above-mentioned inspection, Longfeng said that in 2007, Longfeng relocated the production plants in Shanghai to other places, and the function of Shanghai headquarters was mainly sales. At present, Longfeng has 3-4 production enterprises in the field, mainly by commissioned processing.