Construction diversion to take advantage of the opportunity to touch porcelain

Xinmin Evening News (reporter Xu Chi) believes that many people are not unfamiliar with the word "touching porcelain", and that the act of touching porcelain must be abhorrent. Recently, Fengxian police arrested a person suspected of touching porcelain and cracked several massage
From the end of 2018 to January 2019, the police station outside Tangwai of Fengxian Public Security Bureau received three reports from the public that there was a traffic accident near Pingzhuang East Road. Although all of them chose to solve it privately at that time, they felt that the cause of the accident was strange afterwards, and there seemed to be a suspicion of touching porcelain.male massage
Three people reported the accident one after another, expressing doubts about the traffic accident, which happened in the vicinity of Pingzhuang East Road. This situation attracted the attention of the police. The police judged that this should not be a mere coincidence.
Through sorting out the statements of several informants, consulting nearby surveillance, conducting surrounding visits and other related work, the police of Tangwai Police Station determined that the two persons jointly fraudulently engaged in the criminal activities of touching porcelain. At present, the police have arrested a suspect Hu sauna
Originally, since October 2018, Pingzhuang East Road in Tangfang District of Fengxian District has been closed on one side of the road due to road construction, resulting in two lanes being changed into one lane. Many drivers have taken the chance to drive from the non-motorized lanes on both sides. This situation has attracted the attention of criminals.
Suspects Hu Mou and Feng Mou found "business opportunities" from them. They used drivers to drive vehicles in non-motorized lanes with the soft ribs of the wrong first, and went forward to touch porcelain fraud. One rides a bicycle and pretends to be knocked down. Then he claims that he was injured and asks the driver for compensation. The other rides on the side to set off a fire and calls the police without compensation.
Drivers who violate traffic regulations because they drive the wrong lane are in the first place. If the police arrive, they will not only need compensation, but also be punished by traffic. And the other side's claim for compensation is not much, the drivers have to choose to swallow their breath, with the mentality of eliminating disasters, pay each other "compensation".gay spa
Now the suspect Hu Mou has been detained by Fengxian police according to law on suspicion of fraud. Another suspect Fengmu is under further investigation. Up to now, the police have verified 6 cases, involving more than 3500 yuan. Here, Fengxian Police reminds the masses that if any of the above-mentioned sections have encountered porcelain bumps, please report to the Tangwai Police Station. And the police also appealed to drivers, friends, to drive motor vehicles in accordance with the law, their own norms of driving will not be afraid of being blackmailed by small night club