To alleviate the patient's pain, he turned into a clown doctor

On the tablet, two clowns wearing bright colors and "explosive head" wigs are performing magic. Song Longchao, a nurse in Sichuan People's Hospital, looked at the screen and compared it with the mirror. He tried to imitate the exaggerated movements and expressions of the clown. gay massage
The "mending" of rest time was quickly put to use. The children in bed 2 wept continuously at 9 a.m. Song Longchao began to speak in the voice of animated characters. "Who cried so sadly?" The boy stood up, turned his head and looked at Song Longchao, then burst into tears again. "He had just finished the operation, and these two days were the peak period of pain after the operation." The boy's parents couldn't stop crying.
After the girl had dealt with the wound, she came to her father with great pain, took his hand, squeezed out a smile and encouraged her to say, "Don't be afraid, the doctor will cure us." male massage
Song Longchao said that he had never forgotten the smiling face under the pain, and soon afterwards, he had such an experience himself. When he returned from Nepal in 2015, he took a routine medical examination and found nodules in the thyroid gland. He was later diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
Song Longchao's first real treatment as a clown doctor was a child with acute appendicitis admitted to the hospital last year. The child's appendix has been purulent and there is a possibility of perforation at any time. For children, once perforated and infected with total peritonitis, they face death.
When he entered the operating room, the little fellow lost his temper, refused to let the infusion, refused to draw blood, and threw all kinds of things on the ground. As soon as the medical staff approached, he began to cry and woke up the other children in the ward. gay spa
"At this time, I suddenly remembered the red nose in the wardrobe, quickly took it and put it on. I put a children's song on my mobile phone. When I walked to the child with a funny step, he was attracted by my actions and stopped crying slowly. I picked up his toys and started a dialogue with them. He also joined me in the dialogue with my toys. Song Longchao said that after the child's emotional stability, the operation was successfully completed. "When the child was discharged from the hospital, he grabbed his toy and hooked me up and said,'You must come to see me'." gay club
The clown doctor is not simply a clown, but a profession. All clown doctors are trained by professional medical knowledge and performance skills. What patients use and what ways are exquisite.
For example, it is different for children and the elderly, for isolating patients and for normal patients, and for end-stage patients and rehabilitation patients. This involves a variety of medical and psychological knowledge.
There was an oncology patient who had advanced lung cancer. Old people are pessimistic and closed, unwilling to communicate with their children. The hospital sent a cheerful clown doctor who was good at communicating with the elderly. Besides wearing a standard red nose, he also wore a hat, old-fashioned clothes and brought a cup of tea.
The colleague found that the old man's greatest hobby was playing chess. In the past, he sat next to other patients and played chess. The old man became interested and slowly came over and looked at it. Occasionally, he resorted to a few tricks, so communication was established. gay sauna
"We made an appointment to play chess with the old man the next day. During this process, the clown doctor performed in a funny way and chatted with him. The old man's mood gradually improved. The old man told us the truth, in fact, he was worried about his body spending too much money in the hospital, so he did not want to cooperate with the treatment, do not want to become a burden at home. Song Longchao said.
Sometimes, the clown doctor will intervene from the moment a child is admitted to the hospital, telling the child that he has entered an "amusement park" and needs to complete a game with the doctor. Among them, the treatment of injections and transfusions is a challenging task, and if the challenge succeeds, it can be rewarded.
Song Longchao met the most "angry" patient, a six-year-old boy, suffering from blood diseases, infection is more serious. He lived alone in the guardianship room, without his parents, and gradually became silent. From the intensive care unit to the general ward, he still did not want to see anyone, parents also love to answer.
"At first, I tried to interact in the simplest form of acting. As a result, he bowed his head all the way and failed in his first attempt. After a few days of observation, it was found that the child could talk to the toy. Song Longchao said that after understanding the situation, he changed the "treatment plan", put on his red nose and went to the ward to play with other children, playing with a doll dialogue. After drawing the little boy's attention, he used the tone of a doll to talk to the little boy and gave him a small gift. gay bar
Some children are more precocious, with the way of clown performance he is not willing to accept, on the contrary, direct communication is relatively smooth.
Song Longchao told the Beiqing Daily that when he listened to the lecture given by the clown doctor, someone recommended the film Mind Drip. The film is about Intern Adam, who sees laughter as an important prescription for treating patients. He always wears bright clothes and funny clothes to the ward in order to make every patient laugh.
Song Longchao said that there was a line in the movie that he always remembered, which was about the way the doctor put on the clown's red nose. "When you put it on your face, magical things always happen."