Sexual implication, illegal advertising

Reporters consulted the 12 cases of illegal advertisements and found that the illegal nature of these advertisements, including typical cases that damaged the dignity of the country and violated the good social customs, such as the advertisement content of the history of spoofing published by the Wechat Friends Circle of Shanghai Great Heart Hospital, seriously damaged the dignity of the country and the nation; the parties entrusted their affiliated companies to design and make content as "Japan unconditional surrender". Japan, August 15, 1945; Why did Japan surrender unconditionally? Because there is no ambition! Yoda Shanghai Yuanda Heart and Mind Hospital Medical Insurance designated national key clinical specialists to share new wisdom in the global heart and mind field "poster advertising, and on August 15, 2018 by some hospital managers through personal Wechat Friends Circle. Advertising content seriously damages the dignity of the country and the nation. In violation of the provisions of the Advertising Law, the parties and their affiliated companies are fined 700,000 yuan massage
Enterprises such as "Family has a good side" and "Yecha" publish vulgar, vulgar and vulgar advertisements on their Wechat public numbers, which seriously violate the requirements of good social customs and socialist spiritual civilization construction. Among them, "Family has a good side" parties publish Wechat tweets on their Wechat public numbers, which include "a girl named Chun, waiting for you to turn the cards... It's better to tease you when the wind blows ten miles. I want you to be a woman on the tip of your tongue, "and other propaganda expressions that violate the good social customs, violate the provisions of the Advertising Law, and be fined 250,000 yuan according to law.male massage
The "Binter Water Purification" advertisement uses the wrong version of China's map, omits to draw important islands in the South China Sea, violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and damages the dignity and interests of the country; it also includes illegal propaganda and investment return expectations, illegal promises to the effect of education and training, illegal use of beneficiaries'names to recommend the contents of education and training, illegal use of medical confusion terms. And illegal advertisement claiming breast milk substitution and other typical cases of illegal spa
Particularly worth mentioning is that Neptune Star Pharmacy "Wanaike" network live advertising, the parties entrusted Tianjin Tongyi Technology Development Co., Ltd. to create a network live link, and in the evening of June 15, 2018, filmed and broadcast the "ball must be hard night passion" network live activities. The live broadcast invites doctors, TV hosts and popular anchors to introduce the efficacy, usage and efficiency of the prescription drug Viagra, as well as to discuss the skills and positions of sexual life, tease boys, buy interesting underwear, and subdue the temptation of uniforms. By the end of the event, more than 150,000 people watched the live broadcast. The advertising activities seriously violated the provisions of the Advertising Law. The parties concerned and Tianjin Tongyi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. were fined 700,000 yuan respectively according to law.
Relevant staff members of Shanghai Market Regulatory Bureau said that the advertisement not only seriously violated the prescription drug advertisement release regulations, but also contained other contents which violated the good social customs in the live broadcast activities. It was the first case of online live advertising activities investigated and punished in club
Reporters learned that in 2018, Shanghai's market regulatory authorities investigated and dealt with 5,060 cases of advertising violations, with a total fine of 116 million yuan. Among them, the number of Internet advertising cases and the amount of fines were 4,383 and 82.71 million yuan, accounting for 87% and 71% of the total advertising cases, respectively. The focus of the exposure of illegal Internet advertising cases, including live webcasting, Wechat Friends Circle, Wechat Public Number and Internet sites and other forms of Internet advertising.
Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau pointed out that with the rapid development of Internet technology, Internet advertising has become an important form of advertising activities, showing a large number of rich formats, flexible forms, but also an important part of advertising supervision and law enforcement by market supervision departments. In 2019, the city's market supervision departments at all levels will continue to carry out advertising renovation in the Internet field, standardize the order of the Internet advertising market, and strive to ensure a clean and healthy network ecological sky massage
Shanghai's market regulatory authorities said that advertising regulation is the frontier, outpost and highland of market regulation, and can find the leading, incipient, systematic and group risk trends in all areas of the market. Market supervision departments will continue to strictly enforce the law to ensure political-oriented security, people's life and health security and major property security as the primary task, seriously investigate and punish all kinds of false illegal advertisements, and give full play to the advantages of comprehensive market supervision, and implement a combination of remedies for relevant market violations.