Fathers and daughters meet, but their swords pluck at each other.

As the saying goes, families have difficult experiences, and there will inevitably be friction between families and neighbours under the same roof. By guiding the parties to change their positions, the patrol police can build a bridge for the parties to the dispute and help them truly achieve mutual tolerance and respect. gay massage
That night, the police of the police station of Zhenjiang Road received the alarm that there was a fight. When they arrived at the scene, they found a group of people surrounded by a car. The police said that he called a car to go out. Who knows that a group of people brought by a man in black stopped him and refused to let him go?
The man in Black said that his daughter was indeed in the police house. As a father, he had not seen her for three years.
Originally, the policeman was the current boyfriend of the ex-wife of a black-clad man, who had not seen his daughter for a long time because of the deep contradiction between him and his ex-wife. According to the policeman, it was because of his negligence in taking care of his daughter that his daughter refused to recognize him.male massage
The man in black told the police that it took him two years to get the information. He asked to meet his daughter and establish an exchange. As a father, the man's request is not excessive. After asking his daughter's wishes, he decided to let the father and daughter meet at the police station.
But when the daughter met her father, she was very indifferent. Both sides sat down to communicate. Without saying a few words, the father began to complain to her about her mother's mistake and was very angry that she would not study after graduation from junior high school. Daughter is always very conflicted with his father, emotional more exciting, father-daughter conversation ended without illness, close relatives in such a situation, both left mixed tears.gay spa
All of this, the police are silently looking at the family contradictions, some through work to solve, but some are historical legacy problems, not they can immediately solve after receiving the police, the police can do is to strive to establish a bridge of communication. This talk of father and daughter laid the foundation for further exchanges.