Significant increase in the number of applicants for the Arts Examination

The annual art exam is about to start. Look at the news, Knews, who learnt from Shanghai Theatre Academy today that the number of students enrolled in the theatre this year has increased slightly compared with last year. Last year 464 students were planned to be enrolled, and this year 484 students are planned to be enrolled. Last year, there were 30 929 applicants. As of 7 p.m. on January 7, this year, the number of applicants has reached 34 872. The deadline for the registration of the examination is 10 p.m. on January 10, massage
In the past year, as in many other art schools, the theatrical arts examination was held after the New Year, which resulted in many candidates rushing around and finding it difficult to choose between them. This year, Shangxi Opera has reformed the art examination. For the first time, the time arrangement has been divided into two stages.
The first stage of the exam is from 14 January to 23 January. There are four departments and 11 majors for examination. They are performance (Beijing Opera), performance (opera music), composing and composing technology theory (design and production of opera music).male massage
Dance Academy Dance Performance (Ballet), Dance Performance (Chinese Dance), Dance Performance (National Standard Dance), Dance Director;
Theatre, film and television art design (stage design), theatre, film and television art design (lighting design), theatre, film and television art design (costume and makeup design) of the Department of Stage Art;
Creative College Digital Media Art (the above four majors belong to the art major).
The second stage is from February 15 to March 2. Examination departments and examination majors include performance department, director department, drama and literature department, film and television college, drama academy (drama, film and television director - drama, performance - puppet).
Because this year's two-stage examination, also makes more candidates have the opportunity to enter for the spa
In addition, most of the professional preliminary examination links of the undergraduate entrance examination of Shangxi Opera in 2019 optimize the examination subjects. In the past, three or four items of the preliminary examination were optimized to two items this year. In the preliminary examination, the basic professional qualities of the students were more prominent. Detailed examination content of the second and third examinations, in order to fully investigate candidates with professional quality, select excellent students with potential for artistic training.
Taking the most popular drama, film and television performance major as an example, there are 40 students enrolled and more than 6,000 applicants. The first test was changed from vocal music, lines and body to required lines and body or vocal music. The performance department's re-examination of theatre, film and television performances will be divided into four categories of voice tables for examination, the examination committee will be more professional, and the assessment will be more scientific. gay club
In addition, this year's undergraduate entrance examination will further rationally and scientifically arrange examination venues and better allocate examination venues and examination committee. Increase the number of examination committees and correspondingly increase the number of out-of-school examination committees. At the same time, information technology will be further used to optimize the examination links of candidates. We should optimize the examination process from the aspects of registration, registration and confirmation of examination area, so as to reduce the waiting time of students. In the first interview, the results will be published on the same day, so as to reduce the waiting time for the results.