Sexual harassment lured him to his home and cut him

Sexual harassment between male and female colleagues in the workplace occurs from time to time, and how to deal with it also requires rationality and wisdom. In July 2018, Wang asked his male colleagues to come to his home in the name of his wife and cut his head and arm with a kitchen knife because he suspected that his wife had an unfair relationship with his male colleagues. After the incident, Wang Mou brought the case to justice, because of his impulsive behavior and paid a heavy price. gay massage
On the evening of July 2, 2018, the suspect Wang Mou accidentally saw that his wife received an indecent video on a Wechat from his wife's male colleague Zhang Mou. His wife said she often received harassment messages from Zhang Mou.
Husband Wang Mou was furious, and then fake wife sent a message to Zhang Mou, saying that "the husband is not at home." Victim Zhang Mou replied that he would come after work. At 8 o'clock that evening, Zhang came to the suspect's temporary residence in Tangzhen, Pudong. male massage
Suspect Wang Mou: "He ran to my house, my door opened, he saw me, he turned to run, I was angry at that time, did not drink, that night drank two bottles of wine, must be uncontrolled, bad mood, he took a kitchen knife on the table and struck him a few times."
In fact, both the victim's head and left forearm were cut, which had been identified as minor injuries. After the incident, the suspect Wang Mou and his wife left their temporary residence until September 10, when they were captured by the police at the boarding gate of Pudong Airport.
It is understood that the victim Zhang Mou once introduced a cleaning job to the suspect's wife Fengmu, and then they became colleagues. gay spa
Suspect Wang Mou: "He has been harassing my wife, originally my wife ignored him, forced my wife to add Weixin, say conscience, my wife can not give up that job, there is no way to warn him, I directly gave him a telephone warning, in addition, his company leaders also warned him."
The suspect's wife Fengmu said, "My husband told him that you should never come to my house next time. He reminded me."
Heng Shan, procurator of the People's Procuratorate of Pudong New Area, said: "The suspect first lured the victim into his home by Wechat, and then stabbed the victim with a murder weapon. We finally found out that the crime of intentional injury was committed. But the criminal suspect had a good attitude of confession and had no previous criminal record. He also compensated the victim for 65,000 yuan after the case was committed, so we think it is a crime of intentional injury. The circumstances are relatively minor, and a guaranteed pending trial was made at the time of approval of the arrest stage. gay club