The twin sister transferred the house to her boyfriend

According to the Labor Daily, the twin sister, who has lived abroad for a long time, signed a house sale contract instead of her sister with her loved one, transferring her only property to her lover's name. Nearly twenty years later, my sister came home very hard and found that people were wrong and she had no "home". Recently, the Shanghai Baoshan People's Court (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Baoshan Court) heard the case, and the judgment supported all the petitions of her massage
Guo Li, Guo Mei's twin sister, has been living and working in South Africa for a long time since 2000. In December 2000, Guo Li entrusted her twin sister Guo Mei with a loan to buy a house. All the purchase procedures were handled by her sister Guo Mei. Since then, Guo Li has given her sister Guo Mei 10,800 yuan every six months to repay the loan. In March 2001, Guo Li was approved and registered as the owner of the spa
In 2001, Guo Li was wanted by the police on suspicion of robbery and murder. When Fang Liang, my sister's boyfriend, learnt the news, he thought Guo Li might not be able to return to China under such circumstances. He proposed to change the property right of the house to his name. Therefore, in January 2003, her sister Guo Mei signed a house sale contract with Fang Liang instead of her sister, and signed the name of Guo Li.
In October 2016, my sister Guo Li was decided not to prosecute by the Shanghai Baoshan District Procuratorate, but she learned that the only real estate under her name had changed ownership. In order to safeguard her legitimate rights and interests, Guo Li sued her sister Guo Mei and her brother-in-law Fang Liang to the Baoshan Court for confirmation of the invalidity of the house sale contract signed in January 2003, and asked the defendant to cooperate in restoring the property rights of the house to Guo Li.male massage
According to the evidence provided by both the plaintiff and the defendant, the court of Baoshan held that the seller was not the plaintiff Guo Li himself in the contract of house sale, and that the elder sister Guo Mei could not provide Guo Li's authorized entrustment materials, lacking the formal elements for the establishment of agency rights. The verdict supported all the claims of the plaintiff, Guo club