A total ban on saury fishing in the Yangtze River

After years of talking, the Yangtze River knife fishery was finally banned. Within the "knife fish pen", the "document is about to come down" was circulated a long time ago. On December 27, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced that since February 1, 2019, the issuance of special fishing licenses for scallop (Yangtze River knife), anchovy (anchovy) and Chinese mitten crab (river crab) would be stopped, and the productive fishing of the above three natural resources would be prohibited. The Interim Provisions on the Special Management of Coilia japonicus and Coilia japonicus, issued by the former Ministry of Agriculture on February 8, 2002, shall be repealed at the same time.gay massage
Some people clapped their hands and praised Zheng Jinliang, the owner of Jiangyin Puffer Fishing Village, for many years. He has managed restaurants and farms along the Yangtze River for many years. His signature dish is the Yangtze River Saury. Many years ago, he tracked the Saury up the Shuojiang River many times and broke through the technology of the Saury Culture. He has a certain status in the "Saury World" of Shanghai and Jiangsu. He paid more attention to the nostalgia of the Yangtze River than the knife fish business. He once dragged reporters to the riverbank beside the restaurant. More than 40 years ago, when he was a child, it was full of reeds, shrimps and crabs were dug in the beach, and the knife fish was among them. Now look again, there are more ferry terminals and factories, fewer beaches, and the sound of the tide gradually clapping into the dike. For many years, the Yangtze River saury has been the nostalgia of this generation's tongue. In previous years, it was impossible to eat it, but it cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. A table of saury feast in Zheng Jinliang Hotel is not necessarily a "local hero".male massage
"The Yangtze saury should be protected." Zheng Jinliang said that the "arrest ban" is a good thing, but it can control the "arrest", whether it can also control the "mouth" in the market? Zheng Jinliang thinks that maybe eating Yangtze saury in the future should also become a "moral" issue. For example, in order to protect wildlife, people call for not eating shark fins and bear paws, which has become a consensus. But apparently, eating or not eating knife fish has not risen to this "height". Reporters from Nantong, Jiangyin and Jingjiang, and other markets know that recently "Haidao" has been listed, about two or three hundred yuan per kilogram, and business is good, "sell well." Wonderful swordfish grow up and eat in the sea in winter. In spring, they start upstream against the Yangtze River and lay eggs in lakes and beaches in Anhui and Hubei. Small fish are slightly longer and go to sea along the Yangtze River, and they start all over again. Saury was caught upstream along the Yangtze River as a "river knife". Before the Qingming Festival, it was thick and fleshy and was sought after by tourists every year. It was called "sea knife" because it did not migrate or had not yet migrated in the sea. Many people did not like "lake knife". It was a saury that settled in the middle and small lakes of the Yangtze River and no longer went to the sea. The appearance, price and taste of the three kinds of knife fish are quite different, but as they fade away, people begin to be confused and even think that "as long as they are knife fish, they are all good".gay spa
Saury brokers, who have been in the industry for many years, told reporters that they have time to drill -- "the Yangtze River Saury" is prohibited from fishing, and "sea knife" and "lake knife" can be photographed and eaten correctly. Who knows what kind of "knife" is under the chopsticks and restaurants? Restaurants can not control, there is demand in the market, it does not rule out the risk of desperate, unlicensed fishing of Yangtze River saury. After all, for the fishermen of the Yangtze River in Jiangsu and other places, "there is not much in the Yangtze River", and the saury fishing season in the first two months of the Qingming Dynasty is almost the main income in one year. Reporters have sailed into the river with the sairfish owner's speedboat to "buy the sairfish", those boats and "floating board", whether there is a fishing license or not, "insiders" know it well. So recently, a "knife fish broker" directly told reporters: "Every year, the ban on fishing, business is not the same." After a while, he planned to go back to his old business. "He said he did, I did mine." Others were cautious, saying that they would wait until the Yangtze River saury came in February and March this year to wait and see: "Moved the truth, there must be someone who wants to touch the mold."gay club
However, many people in the "Sailfish Circle" think that it is difficult to enforce the law on the prohibition of fishing. How can we manage so many ports, ships, markets and restaurants? How much supervision and enforcement power can we invest in a fish? Some people are lucky about it. Many lakes and beaches along the Yangtze River, such as Anhui and Hubei, have been replaced by dams. Some scholars asked reporters, "Is it important to prevent floods or saury?" For example, the fishermen along the Yangtze River in Jiangsu and Shanghai, for these last fishermen in the Yangtze River, knife fish is an important source of income. If they are short of it, how can they be settled down next? Some people in Jiangyin said that it should not be difficult for fishermen to go ashore and resettle only 120 boats in the area. But there are also places where the economy is relatively underdeveloped, worrying about subsidies and funds for resettlement of fishermen. More importantly, to restore the ecological environment of the Yangtze River, more efforts and concerted efforts are needed.gay sauna
Recently, Lu Jianxin, head of the fishery administration detachment of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, said that in recent years, the production of saury in the Yangtze River has been declining due to its low output and small size. This year, starting with the prohibition period, they will send fishery law enforcement vessels to inspect the Yangtze River and crack down on illegal fishing boats. Zheng Jinliang's restaurant has changed its signature dish from Yangtze River saury to cultured puffer fish. A "saury broker" said that this year, instead of saury fish, it turned into eel fry. For saury and for the Yangtze River.