The headmaster cooks for the left-behind children at his own expense

After several tosses and turns, the Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu contacted Zhang Zhanliang, who is now the principal of Huangni Primary School in Chuntao Town, Yujiang District, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province. "What do you want to ask directly? I'm going to cut vegetables for the children in a moment!" Principal Zhang spoke with a simple local accent, which made people feel more cordial. Zhang Zhanliang, 45, originally worked in another primary school in Chuntao Town. In September 2018, he was transferred to Huangni Primary School as principal. In addition to him, there are five teachers in charge of students in grades 1 to 5 who teach different courses. When he came to the school, President Zhang learned about the specific situation of the students: 25 students, the youngest 6 years old and the oldest 12 years old. They have one thing in common, they are left-behind massage
In November this year, President Zhang purchased food from his own pocket. However, he felt that if he cooked for the children by himself, it seemed that he lacked something, so it would be more meaningful for everyone to participate in the cooking process. "I wash the dishes first by myself, and they can volunteer to help whenever they are free, because the courses are arranged differently." Speaking of the children's curriculum, President Zhang said solemnly and earnestly, "Teachers are not required to help in cooking, because their primary responsibility is to take charge of children's learning."male massage
Principal Zhang told Ziniu News that some steps in cooking, such as ignition, the children wanted to participate. In order to arouse the enthusiasm of the children, he made a rule: who is praised by the teacher, or who is enthusiastic to help others, can be responsible for igniting good people and good deeds. In this way, the children learn better and begin to learn to help each other.
At the latest 3 p.m. every day, President Zhang will start to prepare food, like a "spicy fish head stewed tofu", he first washed the fish head, cut the tofu into pieces, and chopped the scallions, garlic, red pepper and other ingredients. After class, the children rushed to the principal and asked hopefully, "What are you cooking today, principal?" "What you made today is spicy fish head stewed tofu!" Principal Zhang said with full confidence. Then, some of the children rushed to collect firewood, some came to set up a pot, and the kid who performed best that day started to light the fire under everybody's attention. Then, start the pan to burn oil, fry the fish head in the pan, add proper salt, sauce, cooking wine and other condiments, and then put the cut tofu into it... After a series of movements of headmaster Zhang, a pot of spicy fish head stewed tofu was finished, and the children were greedy with saliva. At this time, Principal Zhang smiled and said, "Go wash your hands and get ready to line up for dinner!" Zhang was filled with joy when he saw the children eating their club
In order to improve children's food, President Zhang often changes his way to think about recipes. He has cooked a variety of dishes, such as Coke chicken wings, carrot and mutton soup, pork liver noodles, glutinous rice steamed ribs and so on. Ziniu News reporter also learned that from the preparation of food to the completion, about 1-2 hours, the cost is also 30-100 yuan, are the principal's own pocket, as long as the children in school, principal Zhang will change the pattern of cooking for them.
"It's called Happy Primary School. It can record the happy time with children through this platform, and it can also be seen by the parents of migrant workers to make them feel at ease." Referring to why we posted videos of cooking together on the Internet, President Zhang said spa
Speaking of the "explosion" on the fast hand, President Zhang said with some embarrassment: "Actually, I didn't expect that there would be so many people who cared about us. About 10 days ago, they began to receive a lot of media every day. After leaders at all levels knew about the situation, they often came to visit and console us, and there were many good-hearted people to donate money and things." Principal Zhang told Ziniu News that he was very grateful for this, but the money was not easy to collect, because he did not know how to deal with it, if you want to give love, or through the relevant units, take regular channels.
Despite the widespread concern of the society, Principal Zhang maintained a common heart. "What we did before, what we do now, we still eat meals for our children every day as usual." Principal Zhang told Ziniu that he did not understand at first, was not well prepared, and sometimes was in a panic. Now that he was familiar with the steps, he could do more. "To put it aside, the parents of a foreign school watched our videos and said they were going to transfer their children to school. I was shocked. If there were too many people, they would be too busy." Speaking of this, Principal Zhang himself couldn't help sauna
Principal Zhang told Ziniu News that many grandparents can only do their best to keep their children warm and cold, full and hungry, but he still suggested that although he did not understand, he could still play the role of a companion to accompany the children in their homework. For parents, Principal Zhang fully understands their way of life. "Parents go out to work to help families create better living and living conditions. It's their helpless choice. However, it doesn't mean that they can completely give their children to teachers and grandparents. Now communication equipment is so developed that they can use the telephone and telephone. Video and other ways to pay attention to children, listen to children's voices, teacher-student relationship is closer, also does not replace this kinship as a link between parents and children. Principal Zhang also said that they would do their best to let their children